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VPI CAPTURE Interaction Recording

Across the globe, corporations and organizations are recognizing the reality of Voice Over IP as the next generation of telephony technology. Recent surveys have asserted that organizations of every size and nature are either investigating or implementing Voice Over IP technology. As more organizations deploy VoIP, Voice Over IP recording is becoming more prevalent. VoIP recording shipments are projected to grow 39 percent from 2003 to 2008, according to research from Tern Systems. Additionally, Forrester Research projects that recording VoIP telephony lines will outpace PBX telephone systems by 2006.

VPI - Making VoIP Recording a Reality

VPI’s IP Recording solutions are compatible and integrate with industry leading VoIP Telephony platforms, including Avaya, Cisco Systems, Mitel, Nortel and others. Through collaboration with major Voice Over IP telephony solution developers, VPI ensures that its clients are able to effectively leverage VoIP recording solutions to capture, evaluate, analyze and improve multimedia interactions over converging networks, supporting transition from legacy PBX systems to the new ROI boosting Voice Over IP telephony-based solutions.

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VoIP Recording / VoIP Recorder Technology for Cisco Telephones
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Advantages of VPI’s Next Generation VoIP Recording Software

Awkward, first generation methods for recording VoIP are now being replaced by elegant, software-based second generation solutions. These advanced solutions are based upon unique, patent-pending next generation network interface (NIC) board technology designed specifically for voice recording. Leveraging partnerships with several major VoIP telephony developers, extensive research and development, and an open architecture philosophy, VPI's VPI CAPTURE™ – the most advanced VoIP recording solution available today – is platform independent, integrating seamlessly into your existing and evolving infrastructure.

1. Easily Migrate from Traditional to VoIP Telephony Recording

With VPI CAPTURE™'s extreme flexibility, you can count on seamless integration and simple migration to emerging VoIP technologies. Grow and adapt on your own terms by easily and reliably recording audio from most traditional circuit-switched and new VoIP PBXs/ACDs in the same system – preserving your investment. Unlike other offerings that require a complete system change-out to migrate from recording in a traditional telephony environment to recording in a VoIP environment (i.e. different software, different hardware etc.), with VPI CAPTURE™, simply change the voice interface boards in the server. VPI CAPTURE™ leverages open architecture and is platform independent to integrate seamlessly into your existing and evolving infrastructure. It can sit securely behind your firewall and work in harmony with your network operations.

2. Minimize Impact on Precious Network Resources

VPI CAPTURE™ can record all VoIP traffic, including SPAN and RSPAN, with very little impact on your network resources. VPI CAPTURE™ has the flexibility to separate upstream and downstream packets and the ability to span only outbound RTP audio packets when desired – utilizing 50% less network SPAN traffic than what is required by many other VoIP call recording offerings! With VPI CAPTURE™, you don't have to forklift your network control data or upgrade your network to reliably record VoIP interactions.

3. Capture All Audio in Standard GSM File Format

VPI CAPTURE™'s unique interface has the ability to perform transcoding on the fly, normalizing and compressing all audio (over 20 CODECS supported including G.711, G.723.1, G.729A, etc.) into industry standard, non-proprietary GSM file format regardless of disparate audio sources. This allows for simple, centralized storage and playback using any standard media player (does not require CODECS to be installed on the PC prior to playback).

4. Self Maintaining - No Servers Required for Host Processing

Based on state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, VPI CAPTURE™ is self-maintaining and provides for all network interface, packet filtering, media processing and recording functions – it does not require you to constantly adjust network compression rates, rely on customer-provided routers and additional hardware, or increase the capacity of your current PBX to reliably capture calls. VPI CAPTURE™ ensures true real-time response and quality of service on every channel recorded by greatly reducing the server processing resources (CPU) required by most host-based offerings that often suffer from performance problems related to running the application and network interface functions all on same regular media processing server. Not only does VPI CAPTURE™'s next generation network interface board off-load host processing, it also has the ability to identify and register endpoint with the station manager to enable you to capture “rolling” IP addresses in real-time as they change – even if your CTI server fails.

5. Combining Proven, Award Winning Software with Advanced VoIP Recording

Unlike some other vendors that recently created from scratch very basic interfaces for their new VoIP call recording offerings, with VPI's VPI CAPTURE™ you will experience the many robust features and benefits of VPI's time-tested, award-winning call recording software. For example, you will be able to retrieve and playback your recorded interactions from anywhere in the world and from your existing applications! You can access your call recordings and associated data from VPI's local client, Web browser-based client, or directly from your existing applications through outward integrations, courtesy of VPI's APIs and XML tools. VPI provides advanced data management driven by your business rules – the powerful SQL database enables centralized management of millions of records, providing instant access to recorded interactions. With VPI CAPTURE™, you determine how, where, and when to record, store, retrieve, and dispose of your call records based on the events that occur before, upon, or during a call interaction. VPI CAPTURE™ is scalable to tens of thousands of channels and can be configured for centralized or distributed storage.

6. True Video Screen Recording Now a Reality in a VoIP Environment

VPI’s VPI CAPTURE™ is the first solution to make true video quality screen recording in a VoIP environment a reality without compromising the quality of video recording or impacting network performance. Unlike other technologies that constantly stream data over the network, file transfer of screen recordings originally captured at local PC workstations can be either continuous upon conclusion of every recording session or done via scheduled bursts after hours, when the network is less busy, to control network traffic.

7. Advanced Security

Since VPI CAPTURE™ has the ability to process only your organizations voice packets up front, you do not have to worry about any confidential IP data packets being transferred to the call recording application.

8. No Desktop Deployment Required for IP Voice Recording

VPI’s VPI CAPTURE™ does not require desktop deployment for IP voice recording. As is the case with many other offerings, with VPI CAPTURE™, each agent does not need to login to a separate VoIP call recording application to initiate recording.

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