Rely on VPI's Training Services, Business Consulting and Workforce Optimization for the Financial Services, Banking and Insurance Industries.
Rely on VPI's Training Services, Business Consulting and Workforce Optimization for the Financial Services, Banking and Insurance Industries.

Delivering World-Class Training to Ensure Your Success

Whether you select VPI’s technology for compliance with legislation or to optimize business performance and productivity, you expect to gain measurable improvements – increased operational efficiency and effectiveness, rapid return on investment (ROI), and low total cost of ownership (TCO). The full extent of the benefits you realize will depend on several factors, including proper technology implementation, successfull employee buy-in and use, and mitigation of the risks inherently involved in implementing changes to the business process of your contact center.

VPI shares your objectives – your success is our success. VPI’s Professional Training Services are essential for all business and technical users who are new to your VPI EMPOWER™ or VPI EMPOWER 911™ suite of solutions. VPI also provides access to ongoing, on-demand education, support, and consultancy. The following options have been designed based on VPI’s extensive experience with best industry practices, to allow your organization to achieve the maximum business benefit from your VPI’s solutions:

Onsite Learning

All on-site courses include instructor-lead presentations, demos, and hands-on practice in the customer’s working environment following the implementation of VPI technology. Experienced and fully qualified VPI education specialists deliver training packages of between one to five days in duration. Options include:

Training for Technical Users

  • Administrator-level Training – system architecture, security, database, and application maintenance procedures, along with basic troubleshooting.
  • Certified Component-level Support – IT personnel learn about advanced maintenance and troubleshooting. This training is provided for customers who wish to perform their own technical support, with remote guidance from VPI’s helpdesk.

Training for Business Users

  • Supervisor and Manager Training – use of methodology and technology to proactively access, review, and leverage recordings, including quality evaluations, reporting, development, and use of real time KPIs (key performance indicators) through real time dashboards and historical scorecards, development of business rules, agent training content, and use of advanced business and speech analytics tools.
  • Agent Training – retrieval, playback, and export of authorized recordings, annotations, understanding, and use of real time dashboards and desktop tickers.

Online Distance Learning

VPI’s on-demand, Web-based classes and consultancy for technical and business users are very flexible with regard to budgets and timing, especially if you need to include personnel from multiple office and home locations, require re-training for new employees, or need to address changing requirements for skills of existing employees. VPI’s online resources include pre-recorded courses, live eLearning sessions, and extensive documentation. For new and existing customers, VPI also offers Custom Courses with specialized training agendas to address custom education needs. These needs may be based on a customer’s specific experience with VPI’s solutions or on changes in their business environment that require adjustments to the use of VPI’s technology.

Business Consulting

VPI offers custom consulting and advanced performance optimization courses for business managers, including:

  • Proactive Decision-Making
  • Change Management for Contact Center Agents and Supervisors
  • Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Trending and Forecasting with Performance analytics

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