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VPI INSIGHT. The future of speech analytics is available now. Today businesses need insightful and actionable data to achieve a competitive advantage. The systems that provide that data need to be easy to implement easy to use, flexible, cost efficient and provide insight up, down and across the entire business. That’s why we developed VPI INSIGHT.

Understanding customer intent is at the heart of our software. Traditionally speech analytics focused on specific words, phrases or phoenetics. VPI INSIGHT adds relevance, context and tonality to go beyond conversation basics (the what) and understand customer needs (the why).

VPI INSIGHT works smarter – its conceptual search and automated categorization tools quickly unlock meaningful information and provide actionable insights into patterns as well as specifics of customer and agent behaviors.

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VPI INSIGHT Speech Analytics

The Business Impact of VPI INSIGHT

Reduce Operational Cost

bullet Automate Quality Assurance
bullet Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)
bullet Reduce Repeat Contact
bullet Reduce Transfers
bullet Identify Self Service Opportunities
bullet Verify Compliance

Increase Revenue

bullet Identify and Keep At-Risk Customers
bullet Increase Sales and Collections by Identifying Best Practices
bullet Personalize Agent Training for Effectiveness and Customer Loyalty

VPI gives us the tools and insights we rely on to boost the quality of service throughout our organization.

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Explore below to learn more about how your company can benefit today from VPI INSIGHT speech analytics software.

Search on Spoken Audio

Save time with VPI INSIGHT’s intuitive search wizard and highly visual media player. Jump directly to spotted keywords and phrases on the call recording timeline to avoid having to listen to the entire call.

bullet Achieve better results with easier, more intuitive searches
bullet Increase timeliness, effectiveness and productivity, meeting the needs of multiple departments
bullet Automatically spot trends by grouping together related concepts


Speech analytics software from VPI includes an intuitive search wizard that highlights each instance of a targeted keyword on the call recording timeline.Speech analytics software from VPI includes an intuitive search wizard that highlights each instance of a targeted keyword on the call recording timeline.


Automatically categorize communications based on similar words, phrases, conversation topics, or any events that occurred during the conversation, to provide insights into the reasons for customer contacts.

VPI INSIGHT comes standard with 10 out-of-the-box speech categories that automatically begin categorizing repeat contacts, customer dissatisfaction, self-service failures, transfer language and other important call categories from day one.

Use interactive reports and charts to analyze details and playback recorded interactions of interest. Schedule important calls for quality evaluation or assign a coaching session directly from Web dashboard charts.

bullet Isolate patterns in behavior of a single customer or group of customers
bullet Detect patterns in agent responses to a particular type of problem or sales interaction
bullet Understand and quickly act on uncovered intelligence, maximizing profitability, longevity and satisfaction of each customer


VPI INSIGHT easily analyzes and categorizes recorded calls for quick action.VPI INSIGHT easily analyzes and categorizes recorded calls for quick action.


With VPI INSIGHT’s Powerful Reporting and Visualizations, you can get the insight you need to raise service standards and optimize the customer experience using out-of-the-box and easily customizable reports, Instant Analyzers, dashboards, interactive heat maps and desktop tickers.

bullet Increase accuracy of insights by incorporating data from customers’ previous conversations and actions per CRM records, IVR, and text-based interactions
bullet Maximize ROI with centralized reporting - avoid deploying speech analytics and associated reporting as standalone tools
bullet Make insights actionable by presenting data in personalized dashboards, report portals, and with interactive data modeling tools

VPI INSIGHT provides rich data trending and visualization tools, allowing the business to easily spot opportunities and make decisions.Scorecards deliver a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)–centric view of both current and past agent performance in relation to specific goals and group performance


Business users can now improve the efficiency of speech analysis and focus on the calls that matter the most to them.

By tagging valuable events and data such as account ID, product name and order value from your CRM, ERP, helpdesk and other servicing applications to your recorded communications, VPI is able to automatically categorize all calls to provide you with the precise context of each conversation, greatly increasing the speed and efficiency of search and analysis. The more information given, the more accurate the outcome of interaction analytics (the principle of Bayesian Inference)

bullet Accurately derive understanding through data-driven context matched to speech patterns
bullet Benefit from ordered, objective, efficient, systematic and readily retrievable insights
bullet Identify customer churn risks, friction points, or effectiveness of pricing or promotions


Enhanced speech analytics from VPI helps businesses learn what the customer wants, not just what they said.Enhanced speech analytics from VPI helps businesses learn what the customer wants, not just what they said.


There’s no denying that we now live in a multichannel world. Our vision supports the ability to act on massive volumes of data from any and all forms of customer communications. Add contact channels to your analyses as you go, at your own pace.

bullet Tune into the range of customer interactions via context and relevancy applied across multiple channels, share insights across the enterprise
bullet Identify the types of calls or customers that should be moved to self-service
bullet Improve customer experience and operations performance by understanding the customer journey through communication channels.


Analyze speech and text based customer interactions across multiple channels with VPI INSIGHTAnalyze speech and text based customer interactions across multiple channels with VPI INSIGHT


VPI COACHING Product Fact Sheet VPI COACHING Product Fact Sheet


Aspect Software, Inc.

As a dedicated Aspect Technology Alliance Program Partner, VPI provides integrated, Aspect-verified solutions for unified recording and CTI metadata collection from any combination of Aspect TDM telephony on trunk or station side, as well as VoIP communications.

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VPI and Avtec have developed an advanced integration of VPI’s recording technology with Avtec’s Scout VoIP console system for streamlined, software-only recording directly from the console system with no need for spanning ports or managed switches, achieving superior efficiency and audio quality.

> View Integration Info
Cisco Systems

As dedicated Cisco Technology Developer Program Partner, VPI has teamed up with Cisco for over a decade to deliver state-of-the-art voice recording, data collection and advanced reporting solutions, via certified integrations of Cisco’s VoIP communication systems with VPI’s recording and performance management applications.

> View Integration Info
Mitel Networks

VPI has been a dedicated Mitel (formerly Inter-Tel) integration partner since 1998. VPI’s Mitel-certified recording solutions have been implemented around the world, sold and supported by over 400 Mitel offices as a complement to Mitel’s product offerings or as a stand-alone solution.

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As a dedicated ShoreTel Innovation Network partner, VPI ensures that organizations are able to effectively capture, evaluate, analyze and improve multimedia interactions in ShoreTel Communicator, ShoreTel Mobility nd other ShoreTel environments.

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Siemens AG

In partnership with Siemens, VPI has provided integrated recording systems with Siemens communication and security technologies for nearly a decade, improving quality and operational efficiency of organizations of all sizes.


VPI’s TDM and VoIP recording systems integrate with turret systems and complement Speakerbus offerings for leading financial organizations and government and defense sectors with global voice and video communication solutions.


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VPI has been a great investment from the very beginning. VPI's implementation, training and continued support is top notch. We look forward to a long rewarding relationship with VPI.

Roger Gallup Support Manager, Zoll Medical Corporation
Zoll Medical Corporation Customer Succes 5 Star Quote

VPI is the perfect fit. They’re a partner who listens and really cares. We’ve come to rely on VPI’s call recordings – they’re always there when we need them and the software interface is super easy to use.

Brandon Olsen Technical Project Manager, Black Hills Energy
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We have easily doubled our QA productivity with VPI. You can't afford not to use this software.

Jack Fuller Crew Manager, Norfolk Southern Corporation
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