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With advanced file and network management, VPI’s Screen Recording™ is the first solution to make full-time screen recording a reality, without compromising the quality of the video recordings. To minimize the load on your network, true video recordings are captured in small-sized files and streamed or batch-transferred at scheduled times to the storage device of your choice. Whatever time of day is best for your organization to archive, and whether you decide to record to DVD, NAS, etc. it's completely up to you!

Count on Stealth Recording Under Any Resolution Screen recording is undetectable to agents, regardless of the type of workstation or screen resolution.

Record What You Need Customized to support your needs and goals, VPI Screen Recording™ can record the full desktop or selected portions of the screen, such as a specific area or application window. Rules for triggering recording may include the call start or the selection of an application screen, such as a CRM screen pop or an email message.

Reliably capture and retrieve high quality video files. Click Here to view a larger screen image.

Easily Share and Analyze Video Files VPI Screen Recording™ offers a variety of Microsoft-native video Codec options, including MPEG4, enabling video capture in a standard .AVI file format with or without integrated call audio. Complete recorded multimedia interactions can be easily emailed, embedded in Microsoft-compatible documents, or shared and distributed by other means for playback via standard media players. The recordings can also be mined for content via the latest media technologies, overcoming the limitations of proprietary file formats that rely upon a narrow choice of proprietary analytics tools.

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