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  Easily Record Digital and Analog Telephones
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VPI's digital PBX recording and ACD recording solutions integtrate seemlessly with virtually all digital, analog and most major VoIP phone systems.

VPI is the first in the industry to have direct partnerships with leading PBX and ACD manufacturers including Avaya, NEC and Mitel to bring you the best in PBX recording solutions.

Record AVAYA Phone Systems
Record PBX - NEC
Record PBX - Inter-Tel
Mitel / Inter-Tel

VPI PBX recording and ACD recording systems also offer CTI Compatibility and Direct Digital Connectivity with the following manufacturers’ telephone and ACD systems:
(Contact VPI for more detailed information regarding your exact make and model):

Alcatel AT&T Aspect ACDs Bosch
Comdial EADS Ericsson - Voice Print PBX Recorder Fujitsu
intecom MITEL PBX Recording Nortel - Voice Print PBX Recorders Philips
Rockwell ACDs Samsung Siemens Telrad

VPI PBX call recording solutions may be easily connected to the digital station port of most PBX and ACD telephone systems (including Alcatel, AT&T, Avaya, Aspect, Bosch, Comdial, EADS, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Intecom, Inter-Tel, Mitel, NEC, Nortel Networks, Philips, Rockwell (Aspect), Samsung, Siemens and Telrad Networks) or by using a handset cord adapter for other systems. VPI offers many unique connectivity options depending upon the telephone system type. VPI supports trunk-side recording and free seating with an optional SMDR or CTI Link module. This includes exclusive D-channel monitoring which allows for capture of expanded call detail information without having to purchase an expensive CTI server (required by other pbx recorders to achieve the same level of functionality).

The D-Channel Advantage
Centralized Service Resources
APIs - Enabling Easy Integration
VPI Direct Digital PBX Recording Interface
Connecting VPI Digitally to the Telephone Station
Connecting VPI to Telephone Instruments Not Listed Above
Connecting VPI to Standard Telephone Lines
Connecting VPI to Analog Telephones (Record Any Phone System)
Connecting VPI to CTI Enabled (TSAPI) PBX's

VPI is continually adding new and exciting integrations and features to its PBX recording, screen capture and call center quality monitoring products - faster than we can update our website.

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