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Radio Recording

In the world of public safety and emergency response, radio communication is the backbone of the dispatch function, and full time voice recording is absolutely essential. VPI’s roots are in developing full time recording. Our call and radio recorders are designed to capture 100% of your trunk radio communications – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

VPI call and radio recorders are compatible with any analog radio system on the market today, including UHF, VHF or 800 MHz. Major vendors supported include Motorola, MA/COM, Plant Equipment, Positron and many others.

Recordings are logged on VPI’s powerful SQL database for lightning-fast search, retrieval and playback! No matter where you choose to store your calls – on DVD, on-line storage, or on any other archive media – the VPI voice recording system instantly locates and retrieves your recordings. No more time-consuming searches through stacks of tapes! Find any voice recording with a simple point and click of the mouse! Entire sequences of audio transmissions can be replayed in chronological order, exactly as they happened, to accurately recreate an incident for review.

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VPI Customer Ratings and Reviews

We switched to VPI and it has been a world of difference from our previous system. It is very user friendly and customizable for our different levels of users. Support has been excellent too.

Angela Fine
CAD Adminstrator, Bell County 9-1-1 Communications

We couldn’t be more pleased with VPI. We used to struggle to perform 90 QA checks per month. Now we are at 1,680 QA evaluations per month, and keep increasing. Our staff loves it.

Tami Chamberlain
Training and QA Supervisor, Hamilton County 911 Emergency Communications District

We have been 100% satisfied so far and are very happy we have VPI’s recording product for our PSAP center.

John Hubbard
Captain, Bentonville Police Department