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Compliance Recording

Just as FedEx’s customers depend on our technology for the success of their businesses, we depend on VPI’s technology to ensure a great customer experience.

- Marlin Marty McElwain

VPI CAPTURE ESSENTIAL is a proven, next-generation phone call recording software that installs quickly at a value unmatched in the industry today! Easily implemented and highly effective in virtually any environment, VPI CAPTURE ESSENTIAL can record your voice and optionally also screen interactions from a wide range of network configurations, TDM and VoIP telephony and turret environments, traditional or trunked radio systems, and across any number of locations, including home-based agents. When cost is a concern but there is no room for compromise on reliability, security, functionality and ease of use, this award-winning phone call recording software solution is the perfect choice.

Why VPI’s Compliance Call Recording Software is Better.

bullet Proven reliable call recording software platform with 15-year history
bullet Most secure solution available today
bullet Highly efficient with unique, award-winning search, playback and reporting capabilities
bullet Easy to maintain and evolve with adaptive, open Web architecture
bullet Fastest time to value – rapid implementation with proven integrations

Search & Playback

VPI CAPTURE ESSENTIAL call recording software offers the most advanced search, playback and live monitoring capabilities available today with highly intuitive Web browser-based access and administration. Time, date, length of call, channel, agent, inbound/outbound tags and many other call criteria can be captured with each recorded call. Each authorized user can “tag” a call with flags, comments, account numbers, sales value, etc. Subsequently, you can quickly and easily search by any combination of this data, locate, playback and share – with fast and powerful navigation from high level overview down to the recordings that matter the most, using instant searches and powerful filters that mine any choice of captured attributes.

Conveniently locate, visualize and playback single recordings or multimedia interactions – optional screen recording can capture agent screen activities full-time or per rules-based schedule.
Save, email or export single recordings or multi-call sets as secured standard files, optionally with embedded media player interface for easy analysis.
Search, visualize and interact with data to quickly recognize and accurately interpret call volumes, inbound and outbound traffic peaks, call handling times, workload distribution among individual front line employees and teams and many other patterns.

Users can easily customize their interface for precision search of recordings - by defining custom filters and searches that may include a combination of fixed and variable parameters


VPI CAPTURE ESSENTIAL enables you to gain rapid insights into customer interactions - it’s easy to analyze call patterns by drilling through layers of information within dynamic, easy-to-understand reports, graphs and heat maps. Customizable Web dashboards offer a menu of report templates that you can choose from and customize for default displays. The phone call recording software solution helps you to quickly recognize and accurately interpret call volumes, inbound and outbound traffic peaks, call handling times, workload distribution among individual front line employees and teams and many other patterns – far beyond capabilities of recording systems typically found in the same price range.

Gain fast insights with dynamic, multi-level, business-centered reports – assess recorded interactions by drilling through layers of information, from high-level business trends or comparisons down to playback of calls.
Keep track of Your Contact Center Activity with Web Portal Graphs and notifications. Access important calls directly from the Portal reports.
Easily customize the reporting for your needs – virtually all forms of VPI reports are delivered as templates that can be adjusted as needed and saved under custom names.

VPI CAPTURE Essential provides interactive, multi-level reports with user interface for dynamic selection of parameters and their ranges

Open Architecture

With VPI CAPTURE ESSENTIAL you will experience unprecedented flexibility and convenience in data gathering, access and distribution. VPI’s open standards technology supports endless flexibility in connectivity, integrations and customization. Running on industry standard hardware, the solution is platform independent. Developed around the principles of true open architecture, VPI’s Web-based solutions fit seamlessly into your IT infrastructure, meeting the needs of your specific environment. It can reside securely behind your firewall and work in harmony with your network operations.

Open, Service Oriented Architecture provides the benefit of high flexibility in configurations, integrations and scaling, coupled with fast implementation time and cost-effective maintenance.
Standardize, share and integrate data – with Web Portal Graphs and notifications. Access important calls directly from the Portal reports.
Protect your investment – MS Windows based Service Oriented Architecture provides for the most efficient operation and flexible, cost-effective upgrade path

Security and User Administration

VPI CAPTURE ESSENTIAL meets strict, constantly evolving security requirements dictated by both, internal policies and external legislation. In addition to LDAP/Active Directory Support for authentication credentials and streamlined user administration, the solution provides secure, End-to-End and AES 256 File Encryption and File Watermarking to ensure file authenticity

Automated Alerts & Notifications – Keep informed of system activity via real-time SNMP traps, alarms, and alerts sent via email to a specific person or a group of persons.
Monitor Sensitive Information and Report on Detailed Audit Logs – VPI provides a detailed audit trail log that records all user activity within the system so that organizations can conduct full trace audits to determine who accessed any recording in the system and when.
Secure File and Data Transport and Storage Encryption – built-in end-to-end data encryption via strong cryptography and key management to secure the SQL database that holds attributes of all recordings. The system provides for AES 128, 192, 256 or variable bit encryption VPI supports secure protocols including Secure Socket Layer, Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) or Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC) to provide secure transmission of recordings and associated data over the network.

Detailed Audit Trail provides tabular and graphical Heat Map views of user activities within the systemDetailed Audit Trail provides tabular and graphical Heat Map views of user activities within the system User hierarchy rules can be defined within VPI applications or adopted directly from Active Directory via LDAP integrationUser hierarchy rules can be defined within VPI applications or adopted directly from Active Directory via LDAP integration


With VPI CAPTURE ESSENTIAL as a starting point, you can easily “Mix-n-Match” modular applications at your own pace. The solution’s award-winning, open design enables you to integrate additional applications – either from the VPI EMPOWER suite or from virtually any other software-based solution provider – whenever your needs or budget allow. It is often as simple as activating the applications remotely. You’ll benefit from unified interface and convenient access to all data and reports for all modular, tightly integrated applications. This open, modular design enables rapid implementation, speedy ROI and fastest time to value.

VPI EMPOWER is a rich, business-centric set of tools that will make a significant impact on your bottom line – mitigating risk, streamlining and enhancing quality management and optimizing performance.
The suite combines and enhances the benefits of VPI CAPTURE PRO, VPI QUALITY PRO and VPI PERFORMANCE. Individually, each software solution is robust and powerful, but they are exponentially more valuable when integrated.

Integrated suite VPI EMPOWER provides fast access to reports, reminders and to-do lists across all implemented application modules Integrated suite VPI EMPOWER provides fast access to reports, reminders and to-do lists across all implemented application modules


VPI CAPTURE ESSENTIAL will integrate seamlessly into your evolving environment, leveraging Certified and Compliant-Tested integrations for all major telephony platforms. These proven integrations with Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Aspect and many more, along with exceptionally rapid implementation, ensure speedy ROI and fastest time to value.

Aspect Software, Inc.

As a dedicated Aspect Technology Alliance Program Partner, VPI provides integrated, Aspect-verified solutions for unified recording and CTI metadata collection from any combination of Aspect TDM telephony on trunk or station side, as well as VoIP communications.

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VPI, Avaya’s Gold DevConnect partner for nearly two decades, provides proven, certified recording, data collection and reporting integrations to Avaya’s TDM and VoIP communication platforms. VPI’s call recording products are available from numerous Avaya PBX resellers around the world.

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VPI and Avtec have developed an advanced integration of VPI’s recording technology with Avtec’s Scout VoIP console system for streamlined, software-only recording directly from the console system with no need for spanning ports or managed switches, achieving superior efficiency and audio quality.

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Cisco Systems

As dedicated Cisco Technology Developer Program Partner, VPI has teamed up with Cisco for over a decade to deliver state-of-the-art voice recording, data collection and advanced reporting solutions, via certified integrations of Cisco’s VoIP communication systems with VPI’s recording and performance management applications.

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Mitel Networks

VPI has been a dedicated Mitel (formerly Inter-Tel) integration partner since 1998. VPI’s Mitel-certified recording solutions have been implemented around the world, sold and supported by over 400 Mitel offices as a complement to Mitel’s product offerings or as a stand-alone solution.

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As a dedicated ShoreTel Innovation Network partner, VPI ensures that organizations are able to effectively capture, evaluate, analyze and improve multimedia interactions in ShoreTel Communicator, ShoreTel Mobility nd other ShoreTel environments.

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Siemens AG

In partnership with Siemens, VPI has provided integrated recording systems with Siemens communication and security technologies for nearly a decade, improving quality and operational efficiency of organizations of all sizes.


VPI’s TDM and VoIP recording systems integrate with turret systems and complement Speakerbus offerings for leading financial organizations and government and defense sectors with global voice and video communication solutions.


Customer Success

American Century Investments Optimizes Client Experience with VPI's Analytics-Driven Quality Assurance and Performance Management
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Arvato Services Increases Productivity and Efficiency with VPI

A fast growing, leading outsourcer, arvato services offers its clients customized end-to-end business solutions at every stage. "VPI was the only vendor that could meet our specific customers’ requirements and within the tight timeframe as well."

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VPI Helps Arvest Provide a Quality Customer Experience
For a company like Arvest Bank, with over $4 billion in assets under management, keeping a record of every phone transaction is not just a luxury, it's required by their internal compliance committee. With the enormous volume of calls they record daily, they needed a telephone logging system that is reliable, scalable in design, and easy to use. That is why they chose the VPI system.
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Bank of America Group Finds Telephone Logging Nirvana

When Bank of America was deciding which telephone logging and workforce optimization solution to install, they chose VPI because “we were looking to store all of our data online and needed the most reliable digital telephone logger with the largest online storage capacity and easiest access to call records. The VPI system paid for itself in 6 months due to the cost savings of eliminating the use storage media coupled with the tremendous amount of supervisors’ time saved in searching for and retrieving archived calls from our telephone logger to perform quality monitoring evaluations.

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VPI enables Bargain Network Agents to Recreate the Total Customer Experience

For a contact center like Bargain Networks, one of the country's largest call centers, customer service is top priority. When Bargain Networks decided to upgrade their call centre recording and call centre monitoring systems they chose to implement VPI’s solution. Because VPI provides the most flexible and reliable solution on the market today, Bargain Network knew that they were in good hands.

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Black Hills Energy Improves Efficiency and Productivity with VPI Call Recording System
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Looking to manage your customer’ purchases with verbal receipts? VPI’s digital call centre recording and call centre monitoring solution gives the ability to provide their customers with a “verbal receipt” of what transpired during the customer-agent purchasing transaction as well as documentation that records how the customer’s credit card was used and for what it was used to purchase.

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VPI Helps Dodge & Cox Mutual Funds Optimize Operations
Dodge & Cox now has the flexibility to reliably record their verbal transactions and expand their tagging capabilities to easily meet their specific retrieval needs. VPI's telephone logging system has provided Dodge & Cox all of this and more.
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Frontier Airlines Improves Agent Training and Profitability with VPI

Frontier Airlines installed a VPI PC phone recorder for liability and quality assurance puposes. VPI’s PC phone recorder is reliable, easy to maintain, and extremely flexible to handle the expected growth of Frontier Airlines, the second largest jet service carrier of Denver International Airport.

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Huntsville Utilities Goes Digital with VPI
Huntsville Utilities provides service to over a quarter of a million people, the Gas, Water and Electric Systems all share management, administrative services and a central dispatch center to keep the cost of service to consumers low. When the dispatch center's antiquated reel-to-reel recording system became too difficult and expensive to maintain, Huntsville made the switch to VPI's advanced digital radio and phone line recorder technology.
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