VPI Develops Reliable Digital Phone Logger Technology and is a Microsoft Certified Partner. VPI Develops Reliable Digital Phone Logger Technology and is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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“VPI’s the perfect system. It records all of our calls and it is very simple to go back and retrieve a recording to listen to or to email to concerned parties. I couldn’t see anybody not being happy with VPI’s phone call logger. It does everything it says it’s going to do.”
- The College Life Fund Division
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
“The extreme ease in locating recordings using the VPI system, as opposed to our previous recorder, has already saved us hours in researching interactions. The local district attorneys and others who request records from us on a daily basis are very grateful for the speed with which we are able to respond to their requests.
- San Bruno Police Department
San Bruno, California
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VPI develops today's most advanced solutions for full time digital voice logging, monitoring, and records management! VPI's VPI CAPTURE™ Call Logger, our Windows based, Client/Server enabled phone call recording software-based solution, provides the industry's highest level of capacity, reliability, scalability, and flexibility. In addition to lightning-fast retrieval and playback, VPI recording solutions offer options for sharing and distributing your recordings, plus outstanding capabilities for migration to future technologies that build upon your initial investment.

VPI Develops Reliable Digital Phone Logger Technology and is a Microsoft Certified Partner.
We will design the optimal recording system around the needs of your organization. Choose from a suite of digital call loggers with intuitive interface for user-friendly operation and easy access to all records via a variety of portals - including your existing software applications. From four to an unlimited number of channels - from any number of locations - you can configure your recording system to record 100% or a selection of your interactions from telephones, turrets, radios, 9-1-1 consoles, or other audio-generating equipment. The inherent flexibility of VPI call loggers' open architecture, combined with the most powerful SQL database assures easy, reliable management of high volume of records, variable archiving automation, custom integrations with other applications, and much more.

Unmatched Flexibility - Powerful Solutions for Today's Ever Changing Requirements  Back to Top
Agile Open Architecture Design to provide the greatest degree of growth in functionality and capacity
  • Easily incorporates new digital audio logging features and technologies as they are developed
  • Scalable to thousands of channels
  • Standards based platforms with Off-the-Shelf Hardware for easy maintenance - you control the costs
  • Versatile Connectivity - Analog, digital, IP sessions, D-channel monitoring, and direct digital interface (DDI) capabilities
  • Archiving to internal devices or network based systems - whichever you prefer
  • Convenience of customized interface driven by your needs - open APIs and Active X toolkit available
Maximum Interoperability and Scalability - no limits, no restrictions!   Back to Top
  • VPI voice recording solutions can record from 4 to an unlimited number of channels
  • Captures communications over telephone, radio, turret, T1/E1 and other sources
  • Supports digital, analog, IP, or combinations of multiple types of audio signals  
  • To support growth, phone loggers are scalable in increments of 8 or 16 channels for analog and digital audio source, 24 for IP or T1  and  30 for E1
  • Up to five standard servers can be loaded into a standard rack for a total of 480 recording channels, and multiple rack-mounted servers can be networked together to provide an unlimited number of channels
High Reliability and Security - Safety of Your Information is Never Compromised  Back to Top
  • Redundancy of key components for mission critical recording
  • Continuous 100% recording, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year
  • On-site or remote access to recordings via secure connection
  • Different security levels for providing data to specified users with granted rights
  • Multi-tasking, multi-threaded application permits all functions, such as playback, archiving, searching, and even full database backup to run concurrently with no interruption to recording
  • Extensive alarm menu allows various notifications, including email, pagers, network pop-ups, audiovisual, and more
  • Multi-level security for different users and groups eliminates unauthorized access to recorded interactions
Easy to Learn and Operate - Point & Click Operation  Back to Top
  • GUI interface designed by users for users
  • Client software for an unlimited number of your IBM compatible PCs for easy access to recordings over LAN/WAN. No per seat charges!
  • Browser Based Architecture - access records from anywhere in the world. Configure recorders at different sites from a single location.
  • Comprehensive Data Reporting, includes standard reports or easy to design customized reports to fit your specific requirements
  • Playback recorded interactions directly from your recorder. Create dynamic, live reports, add flags and annotations, e-mail recordings, or export them - all from one screen.
Robust and Intuitive Data Management - Leverages Powerful Integrated SQL database   Back to Top
  • Fast processing of very large data sets - hundreds of thousands of interaction records - provides search results in seconds
  • All associated telephony data on-line for authorized users, at all times, for search and playback
  • Database backup executed during full system operation - continues recording interactions. No phone logger system shutdown required - Exclusive to VPI
  • No dependency on LAN/WAN for storage of database or records
  • Can offer true enterprise-wide utilization by use of workstations on LAN/WAN and Client/Server design
  • No limit to file size - no creation of new database as the number of your recorded interactions increases
  • Requires little or no maintenance
Precision Search and Extensive Reporting Capabilities - Leverage Vast Captured Information  Back to Top
  • Captured data include date, time, duration, media type and location, and channel name/number, telephone number, name of user, start and end time, in addition to:
  • ANI/ALI directly from CAD system
  • Custom, user defined alphanumeric data fields for your annotations and "flags"
  • Inbound/outbound caller ID
  • User ID information
  • DNIS
  • User specific database files
  • Automated import of custom information via integration with your other database-driven applications
  • Utilize all data captured for generation of custom reports - local or global, private or public to the extent you define
Optimize Recording Rules to Fit Your Business Needs - Extensive Recording Trigger Methods   Back to Top
  • VOX, Loop Detect, CTI control, D-channel, Wait For Ring, Remote Control, Manual Triggers, Application Triggers and more
  • The recording system supports the triggering of recordings based upon information such as ANI, DNIS, Agent ID, Time of Day, Day of Week, etc.
  • VPI's digital audio logging technology offers the most efficient use of hard disk space; silences in the conversation do not need to be recorded but can be re-created when the recording is played back
Optimize Archiving Process to Fit Your Business Needs - Unique Archiving Intelligence   Back to Top
  • Sophisticated logic to buffer, archive and protect your recordings - you decide which calls or groups of recordings are automatically archived for how long and on which media - local or via LAN/WAN
  • Use any standard or custom telephony data captured to define rules for archival - start time, stop time, duration, outgoing or incoming extension, agent ID, ANI or Caller ID, DNIS, DID, DTMF (touch tones entered by a caller), user defined tags or flags and much more
  • Instant access to any recordings, stored on-line or off-line
  • Store recordings on any storage media supported by Windows OS
  • On-line log of every recorded and archived interaction for fast retrieval and playback

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