VPI Delivers the Ultimate in Flexibility to College Life Fund Division

Customer: College Life Fund Division

Industry: SMB

State: GA


Find out how The College Life Fund Division, the nation’s leading student insurer, increased its profitability and customer service with VPI’s Activ! Voice full-time digital telephone logging solution.


Since it was founded in 1967 in Norcross, Georgia, The College Life Fund Division, a division of UICI with over $2.5 billion in assets under management, has become the cornerstone of its parent company’s growth. The company has built an excellent reputation in five southern states by helping families plan for their children's higher education. The College Life Fund Division provides student insurance plans to more universities coast to coast than any other single insurer - lending real support to help families realize a fundamental American dream.

For an insurance company like The College Life Fund Division, keeping a record of every phone transaction is not an option. It's a necessity. “In the insurance industry it is extremely important to be able to look back on every call record for regulatory, liability and training purposes,” said RobRoy Lee, the Network Administrator at The College Life Fund Division.

With the enormous volume of calls recorded daily, they needed a call recording system that is extremely reliable and easy to use. That is why they chose the VPI system. “Our previous logger was not working properly and we needed all of our calls logged with a system that was much more reliable. We evaluated several other competing call recording systems and made the decision to purchase VPI system. In addition to its reliability, VPI system was priced extremely competitive, integrated seamlessly with our phone system, and is easier to use than any other companies' products.” explained RobRoy Lee.


VPI installed a 32 channel MAXI recorder and provided comprehensive, hands-on, one-to-one training. “VPI’s service technician was here for two days and had the system installed in less than two hours, and it’s been a dream ever since,” commented RobRoy Lee. The VPI system offered The College Life Fund Division CTI compatibility and direct digital integration with their existing Nortel phone system as it does with all major PBXs, including Avaya, Aspect, NEC, Siemens, Inter-Tel, Alcatel, and many others.

The installed open architecture system came fully equipped with commercially off the shelf (COTS) components for simple maintenance and upgrades, a Windows NT operating system for intuitive use and high security, fully redundant hard drives, power supplies and fans for increased fault tolerance, and a powerful SQL database for fast and easy search, retrieval and playback of call recordings.



Significant Benefits

Maximum Reliability

“VPI was able to solve our problem by installing an easy to use system that works. When calls are made and received, we now have a reliable recording of the conversation for our record,” remarked RobRoy Lee. Reliability is a cornerstone of the fault-tolerant VPI system. VPI provides for uninterrupted call recording and monitoring with fully redundant hot-swappable hard drives, power supplies and fans. If a component becomes faulty, the other one continues to perform - all without missing a beat.

Simplified Maintenance and Upgrades

VPI’s non-proprietary, open architecture system makes use of products developed by today’s technologically leading hardware and software companies including Microsoft, Lucent/Brooktrout Technologies, Intel, Borland, NEC and future advancements in information and communications technology. This maximizes quality, minimizes costs and simplifies maintenance since replacement components are available in virtually any high end computer store, “I ordered a part and was able to install it myself the very next morning with great ease, saving valuable time. Installing components is very simple. The system’s very clean and precise and once you get in it, with guidance from VPI’s knowledgeable support staff, you know exactly where you are going.”

VPI’s solution assures easy upgradeability, eliminates obsolescence and the need to “forklift” old systems when newer features or technologies are introduced, protecting The College Live Fund Division’s investment.

Fast, Easy and Remote Call Search, Retrieval, Playback and Record Sharing Capabilities

VPI’s graphical user interface (GUI) allows for intuitive “point and click” operation. The system is easy to learn and simple to use. It can be operated almost entirely by mouse. “VPI’s the perfect system. It records all of our calls and it is very simple to go back and retrieve a call to listen to or to email to concerned parties.”

VPI’s intuitive interface combined with its powerful Firebird SQL database makes search, retrieval, and playback of call records simple. Searches can be conducted by desk location, department, group, site name, caller ID and/or schedule ID classifications, allowing users to easily locate call records via single or multiple queries and reducing search time from minutes or hours to seconds.

Enhanced call sharing provides flexibility to playback calls from various locations via email, tape cassette, CDRW, remote replay, Windows OS driven “save as” function, over local or wide area networks, or using Remote PIN based access.

The College Life Fund Division is able to easily email recordings anywhere in the world for playback in any Windows environment without any special playback software needed. VPI has an integrated one-click email function that lets users email directly from the VPI application screen.

The College Life Fund Division can remotely access the system over the network from several local PC workstations and from remote PC workstations via dial-in systems for searching, playback, reporting and more. “We have VPI’s software installed on six desktops so that the managers from each department can access the system whenever they want to,” said RobRoy Lee.

Improved Customer Service and Profitability

The College Life Fund Division is taking advantage of VPI’s full-time recording solution as a powerful tool for improving the quality of customer interactions. “In addition to recording for regulatory and legal issues, the VPI system plays a major role in training of our staff. The ability to train our staff on customer calls has given us a competitive edge in the marketplace. Agents who are not real familiar with the insurance industry can quickly learn how to better deal with customers by listening call recordings,” said RobRoy Lee. The VPI system allows managers to assess the performance of their agents in real-time or reconstruct the total customer experience at anytime in the future. Managers can allow agents to actually hear what works best, and point out strengths and areas that need development in an objective, measurable manner. VPI has provided The College Life Fund Division with the tools to handle calls in the most professional and courteous manner possible and to continuously improve customer satisfaction, resolve customer issues and turn unhappy customers into happy ones. “We have realized a significant return on our investment through improved customer service resulting in increased profitability,” added RobRoy Lee.

Extraordinary Ongoing Customer Service and Support

VPI customers have direct access to knowledgeable and friendly technical personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. “VPI’s technical and customer service is outstanding. Their support staff has always given 110% on any issue or question we’ve had with the system. In more than two years, we’ve had only one very minor issue and VPI took care of us immediately. This came of great comfort to us and we were very appreciative. I know that if I ever need anything, I can give VPI a call anytime,” expressed RobRoy Lee.