VPI Helps STAT MedEvac Helicopter Deliver Optimum Patient Exerience

Customer: STAT MedEvac Helicopter

Industry: Public Safety (Commercial)

State: PA


Needed a digital call and radio logging solution provider that would understand the critical nature of the STAT MedEvac’s mission and effectively assist in overcoming tedious records retrieval procedures.

Business Profile

STAT MedEvac is the second busiest program in the United States, consistently performing more than 5,500 patient transports per year. With medical airplanes on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it provides long-range air medical escorts to provide medical care and accompaniment for stable patients on commercial flights.


There are many challenges to delivering effective air medical transport in a tri-state area such as the Pittsburgh region. Issues related to state-of-the-art medical care, aviation technology, and communications constantly confront flight teams. Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia have hundreds of emergency service provider agencies, each with different policies, procedures, and expectations of air medical transport services.

Like most EMS communications centers, the need for a dependable and intuitive voice recording system is mission critical to STAT MedEvac’s operations.


VPI takes the hassle out of voice recording for STAT MedEvac – allowing the STAT MedEvac team to focus on their tasks at hand…saving lives.

George Thomas of STAT MedEvac told VPI “We are one of the busiest medical helicopter and fixed wing services in the USA. We do not have time to maintain a system that will cost us valuable time and money in upkeep and maintenance. In my opinion, VPI has proven itself to be the best system on the market for audio recording.”

Designed for optimal performance and high reliability, the VPI system is software driven, built on standards of Windows 2000/XP operating system for integration flexibility and strength of SQL database for high-capacity, high-reliability data management. The system utilizes industrial, commercially-of-the-shelf (COTS) PC components for high reliability, ease of upgrades, maintenance, and expansion. It offers open architecture design for maximum flexibility with respect to both customization and integrations (at the time of purchase or at any time in the future) to other hardware and software applications, as current or future business needs dictate.

When asked whether or not he is happy with his VPI digital voice logger, Thomas is not hesitant to let us know that he has “ been actively promoting the VPI system to MANY emergency service agencies and 911 centers across the United States. Being involved in many national organizations for emergency medical helicopter transport, I have multiple opportunities to discuss our state of the art voice recorder. When asked, I am very willing to offer a tours of our Communication Center to give potential customers the opportunity to view the solution in action.”