VPI Call Recording Solutions Dramatically Boosts Efficiency at King's Daughter Hospital

Customer: King's Daughter Hospital

Industry: Health Care

State: IN


VPI’s call recording solution became a major contributor to the hospital’s overall high efficiency by providing a call and radio logging system that enabled recording, storing, and sharing critical communications - ensuring the wellbeing of the community and its citizens.

Business Profile

King's Daughter Hospital’s medical transport service provides key support and emergency ambulance dispatch to Madison, Indiana by offering non-emergency transportation for persons who require the unique services offered by an ambulance. They also provide coverage for surrounding public agencies that require assistance with the care and transportation of emergency patients.


For most EMS communications centers, the need for a dependable and intuitive technology is mission critical. King's Daughter Hospital needed to partner with call recording solution vendor that would support the critical nature of its mission, while also overcoming tedious records retrieval procedures inherent to proprietary technology.


That’s why King’s Daughter Hospital decided to give VPI an opportunity to meet their current and future recording needs. “Overnight, our previous system simply died on us. Because of the critical nature of the service we provide to the community, it was imperative that we find a replacement system fast, but we learned from our mistake and didn’t want to purchase a recorder that would break down or leave us in a compromising situation.” Because of this, Troy Morgan, Director of EMS for King’s Daughter Hospital, knew that he would need to do his homework in order to find a dependable recorder that would be able to meet the hospital’s demands without fail. When they started looking for a replacement recorder, the first thing they did was to contact the local 9-1-1 dispatch center to find out what system they were using. The commander of the dispatch center provided Morgan with a few voice recording system brochures, one of which was on VPI Digital Voice Logger.

Morgan logged onto the VPI Website and read through the literature and was so impressed by the logger benefits and team’s technical knowledge described that he decided to give VPI a call. “Once I got on the phone with a sales representative at VPI, I knew that this was a company that I wanted to do business with. The pride and excitement they exude in describing their product offerings was exceptional and made me feel extremely confident in my purchasing decision. We immediately knew that VPI was heads above the competition.”

When the King’s Daughter Hospital EMS staff found out that their older recording system had broken down, it wasn’t necessarily considered a bad thing. Since purchasing the VPI contact center recording system, the hospital has realized a world of benefits not offered to them by their previous recording system. An important one being flexibility. “With our older system, we were only able to record 8 channels maximum. VPI’s flexibility allows us to grow our system as our needs dictate because it can support virtually an unlimited number of channels.”