Chevron Fire Department Streamlines Recording and Playback with VPI

Customer: Chevron Fire Department

Industry: Public Safety (Gov. Agency)

State: CA


VPI call and radio recorders offer Chevron Fire Department an unparalleled degree of scalability in growth and functionality with an unlimited number of channels and storage hours.

Business Profile

The Chevron El Segundo Refinery has an on-site fire department staffed with trained and certified firefighters and emergency medical technicians. They train frequently on firefighting procedures specific to potential Refinery emergencies. Regular training sessions and drills are held in conjunction with local fire departments to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of these procedures.


Each day, thousands of Americans dial 9-1-1 for help in emergencies ranging from house fires and automobile accidents to heart attacks, suicide attempts, and child poisonings. The men and women who answer these calls for help gathering essential information and dispatching the appropriate assistance, can often make the difference between life and death for people in need of emergency assistance. Because emergencies can strike at any time, we rely on the vigilance and the preparedness of these individuals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Chevron Fire wanted a reliable, flexible recording solution, with the ability to quickly locate calls handled by a particular agent or for a particular event. After evaluating offerings from several companies, it chose to implement the VPI System. In December of 2001, a VPI technical team installed a 32 channel VPI MAXI system at the Richmond, California department.

VPI understands the importance for these safety dispatchers to have the most reliable, state of the art equipment. Today’s fire departments like Chevron Fire Department, are replacing their older generation reel-to-reel call recorders with digital solutions that are more reliable, accurate, fast and easy to use. “The VPI system is helping to make the police department more efficient and reliable by showing our citizens who depend on us that we are committed to using only leading-edge technology to assist us in our rescues and dispatch services,” Bob Liening of Chevron Fire has said. VPI understands this and is committed to providing its customers with only the most advanced solution available today and tomorrow for digital call recording, monitoring and retrieval.

Built around standard PCs, the VPI software-based open architecture offers every customer an easy to use and cost-efficient solution. Because VPI uses commercially off the shelf (COTS) standard hardware from industry leaders, users are able to easily maintain and upgrade their system as needs evolve. Maintenance and upgrades are as easy as a visit to the local computer store or a simple download from the Internet.

The system is programmed to bring power and ease-of-use together to meet all of a client’s recording, monitoring and playback needs. Designed to be user-friendly, with a simple tabbed graphical user interface (GUI), even the most non-technical person can operate the system. This lessens training time and allows agents to get on the phones quickly. Modular in design, the VPI system offers an unparalleled degree of scalability in growth and functionality with an unlimited number of channels and storage hours.