VPI Helps Dodge & Cox Mutual Funds Optimize Operations

Customer: Dodge & Cox Mutual Funds

Industry: Financial Trading

State: CA


Dodge & Cox now has the flexibility to reliably record their verbal transactions and expand their tagging capabilities to easily meet their specific retrieval needs. VPI's telephone logging system has provided Dodge & Cox all of this and more.

Business Profile

In 1930, Van Duyn Dodge and E. Morris Cox formed a partnership to provide investment counsel. Now in its third generation of leadership, Dodge & Cox manages separate accounts and mutual funds for individuals, institutions and retirement plans from its headquarters in San Francisco. Three factors distinguish Dodge & Cox from other asset managers: independence, longevity and a clearly defined, consistently applied investment philosophy.

The Company’s longevity and solid record of performance support the expectation that it will continue to produce lasting value in a wide range of market environments. The philosophy that guides the management of our corporation is built on traditional principles. The company maintains a long-term focus, conducts their own research, employs a rigorous price discipline and uses only the best technology to safeguard their verbal transactions from unnecessary liability and lawsuits.


Prior to installing the VPI solution back in early 2000, Dodge and Cox was not employing a digital voice logger to record their critical broker-purchaser communications, potentially costing them thousands, even millions of dollars in the event that they were sued for not adhering to the agreed terms of sale negotiated with the purchaser over the phone.


After realizing the importance of safeguarding their records for liability purposes, Dodge & Cox consulted with multiple firms in order to identify and implement a solution that would provide them with the most advanced, reliable, and user-friendly system available on the market. They soon learned that system was VPI!

Implementing the VPI logger has already enabled us to optimize our business operations considerably and, because the solution is able to grow with us, we are confident that we won’t compromise the integrity of our records as the demand for our services increases,” said Tim Robbison of Dodge & Cox.

VPI’s solution ensures the highest confidence that Dodge & Cox’s verbal transactions are being kept safe with its fully redundant, hot-swappable subcomponents (hard drives, fans and power supplies) and DVD-RAMs. Designed to provide the most reliable recording solution to its customers, VPI provided Dodge & Cox with a system that unfailingly captures and stores all interactions and provides the means to easily and quickly access records when needed.

Flexibility is one of the many reasons for the VPI systems’ success. Call searches can be conducted by desk location, department, group, site name, caller ID and/or schedule ID classifications. VPI's VPAppend gives users the option of placing critical information pertaining to the particular call onto the record (while the call is still in progress!) for future reference and quick retrieval. Categorize and archive custom information into multiple fields. Not only can users easily retrieve each call, but they can also control the recording with VPcommand. VPcommand allows users to start and stop recording for any call, directly from their personal workstation.