The Meadows Saves Time and Money with VPI

Customer: The Meadows

Industry: Contact Center

State: PA


The VPI Digital Voice Recorder provided the Meadows with an open API, allowing them to create a “language” that speaks to both the VPI logger and its IVR system.

Business Profile

Since the track opened in the 1960s, this outstanding harness facility has been a popular part of Pittsburgh's professional sports scene. Home to many special events and with a racing schedule that goes on year-round, The Meadows receives roughly 10,000 bets/week through the use of its interactive voice recognition (IVR) system.

The Meadows is the anchor of its off-track locations. As such, it is the key element in the rapidly expanding network of entertainment complexes, and is a very important part of Greater Pittsburgh's burgeoning reputation as a destination. The Meadows and its off track sites are being discovered by more and more folks as the complete entertainment and sports outlet in Greater Pittsburgh.


The Meadows needed to employ advanced technology to sustain its business success.

When money is involved, it is inevitable that a dispute will arise regarding the verbal transaction that had taken place. By recording all of its bets placed over the phone, The Meadows can safeguard itself from unnecessary, costly litigation.


At the time they contacted Inter-Tel, a reseller of VPI (VPI) products, The Meadows had already been using two loggers from vendors of proprietary hardware-based equipment. These loggers and their closed architectures were not able to meet the Meadow’s need for integration with their new IVR application. The Inter-Tel team knew that VPI was the optimal solution to meet all of their integration and recording needs. VPI (VPI) configured a 96-channel fault-tolerant server that offered an open-architecture API for its call recording software as a standard tool for integration with other applications.

The supplier of the Natural Language IVR system installed at the Meadows, VeCommerce, produces its own multimedia IVR platform called FirstContact. FirstContact is a Windows based platform tightly integrated with the Nuance speech recognition engine that allows for creating applications with a graphical interface. With VPI’s open API, James Wood, Senior Professional Services Engineer at VeCommerce, was able to write additional add-on software that integrates with the First Contact platform and uses VPI’s ActiveX tools to control the call records and user specific account numbers.



Significant Benefits

Stressing its product philosophy of providing “open-minded” solutions, VPI offers all clients its open-architecture API and ActiveX toolkit as a standard, to achieve smooth exchange of information between the VPI recorder and its clients’ existing or future applications. This methodology of linking software applications allows for the easy exchange of information between user’s applications without the need for any major rework on the voice recorder vendor’s end. Ultimately, it allows users of VPI recorders flexibility to manage integrations effort at their own pace, with their own resources, all independently of VPI International, Inc.

This eliminates the need for messy configuration or time consuming integration process that typically is encountered when dealing with proprietary systems.