VPI Helps Mayo Aviation Grow at Their Own Pace

Customer: Mayo Aviation

Industry: Financial Trading

State: CO


Mayo Aviation is the Rocky Mountain region's largest aviation company specializing in charter, management, maintenance, parts, and air ambulance service. Their commitment to achieving the highest industry standards has earned them a reputation as one of the safest, most respected operations in the business. Due to the fact that their telephone and radio communications are mission-critical, it is imperative for Mayo Aviation to be able to depend upon a pc phone recorder that provides absolute reliability, excellent technical support, and simple “do-it-yourself” maintenance and upgrades. VPI's phone line recorder has provided all of this and more.

Business Profile

Mayo Aviation is the largest and most experienced aviation charter company in the Rocky Mountain region, providing aircraft charter, management, supply, maintenance and air ambulance services. More important than their size and experience, however, is the reputation Mayo Aviation has earned as one of the safest and most respected companies in the aviation industry. That kind of achievement doesn’t happen by accident – it’s the result of hard work and a commitment to the highest standards.


There’s no part of Mayo’s organization where that commitment and hard work is more important than in their air ambulance service. Mayo Aviation's 24-hour air ambulance service has been a lifeline to hospitals and their patients across the United States since 1979. Their alert, 24-hour flight operations team provides reliable, responsive fixed-wing service when and where it’s needed most. Needless to say, their radio and telephone dispatch and emergency response have to be top-notch, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mistakes can cost lives - and that means every communication has to be recorded for quality assurance, training, compliance, and liability protection. As Richard Daniluk, Mayo Aviation’s Manager of Information Services put it, “Our telephone and radio communications are mission-critical – it’s imperative for us to be able to depend on a recording system that provides absolute reliability.” When Mayo Aviation began considering expansion in 1999, Daniluk realized it was time to look for a new recording system.


When Mayo Aviation began exploring the marketplace for a new interactions recording solution, reliability wasn’t their only concern. “Due to the fact that we were considering expansion, we also wanted a system that would grow with us,” explained Daniluk. This would prove to be was a major contributing factor in the final purchase decision.

To meet these high standards, Mayo Aviation’s management team conducted extensive research. Daniluk and the team carefully examined all the major solution developers in the audio and data recording and workforce optimization industry. “We carefully examined all the biggest brands, read all the major publications, and studied numerous reports extolling the virtues of the various world famous companies in the industry… then we found VPI."

VPI’s Activ! Voice digital recording solution was the clear choice. “Your systems were in a completely different league,” said Daniluk. “No other system came close to matching VPI’s capabilities and features.”

After VPI’s reputation for rock solid reliability and the system’s superior features, the most important factor for Daniluk and the management team was the scalability of VPI’s Activ! Voice call recording system. “We soon realized that VPI was the only system that would give us the flexibility to grow at our own pace – without forcing us to replace the entire system in order to add additional recording channels or integrate new technologies.”

The Activ! Voice system is designed for reliability and adaptability, building on open standards technology and Commercially-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware for simple maintenance, integrations and expandability. Given the open standards-driven design of VPI’s solutions, easy upgradeability is assured, as well as prevention from obsolescence when newer features or technologies are introduced – protecting Mayo Aviation’s initial investment. Activ! Voice can easily adapt to support anywhere from four to tens of thousands of channels. This was particularly significant for Mayo Aviation – their system could be incrementally expanded with simple upgrades that could easily be completed on site. They wouldn’t have to worry about “fork lifting” their new system out the back door for an expensive replacement when they reached some magic number of channels, or expanded the number of PC workstations on their LAN.



Significant Benefits

The true measure of a recording system’s success comes only after months and years of real world performance, meeting the day to day demands of a customer’s actual operation. So, did Voice Print’s Activ! Voice recording system measure up at Mayo Aviation?

“We have operated our Voice Print system on a 24/7/365 basis for over five years. I can honestly say its performance has been truly exceptional.” That’s reliability in a nutshell. What about the technical side of things – how has Activ! Voice integrated with Mayo Aviation’s other IT systems? According to Daniluk, “Of all the state-of-the-art systems we have in place in our IT infrastructure, the VPI system is by far the most advanced, reliable, and user-friendly technology we have ever implemented.”

After five years of uninterrupted, stellar performance, the Activ! Voice system has delivered every one of the benefits Mayo Aviation was looking for when they chose VPI: absolute reliability, exceptional features, excellent technical support, simple “do-it-yourself” maintenance and upgrades, and the flexibility to grow at their own pace.

Of course, state-of-the-art technology and rock solid reliability are just part of what makes a vendor’s recording system a success for a customer. There’s also something intangible – a rare quality called integrity. “It has been a pleasure to do business with VPI,” reports Daniluk. “Your product, and your people, have fulfilled every promise and surpassed our expectations. The company has earned my utmost respect.”