VPI Helps Arcata Police Department Go Digital

Customer: Arcata Police Department

Industry: Public Safety (Gov. Agency)

State: CA


VPI offers the Arcata Police Department a state-of-the art call and radio logging system with an unparalleled degree of scalability in growth and functionality in order to provide the community with reliable service.

Business Profile

The Arcata Police Department is an efficient and professional organization with two major divisions, Operations and Youth and Family Services. The Police Department staff and volunteers take great pride in being an innovative organization with a community oriented, problem-solving approach to policing.

The Arcata Police Department was established on July 31, 1894 by the City Council of Arcata. A portion of the ordinance read… "It shall be the duty of the regular policeman, from sunset of each day, until sunrise the next morning to patrol the streets and watch and preserve the Town from fire, depredations, and the regular policeman shall, under the direction of the chief of police prevent breaches of peace therein, arrest public offenders, suppress riots, frays, duels, and disturbances of the peace and prevent all acts prohibited by laws or any ordinance of the Town.”


Each day, thousands of Americans dial 9-1-1 for help in emergencies ranging from house fires and automobile accidents to heart attacks and child poisonings. The men and women who answer these calls for help, gathering essential information and dispatching the appropriate assistance, can often make the difference between life and death for persons in need. Because emergencies can strike at any time, we rely on the vigilance and the preparedness of these individuals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Public Safety Organizations, like Arcata Police Department, are replacing their older generation reel-to-reel call recorders with digital solutions that are more reliable, accurate, fast and easy to use. VPI understands the importance for 9-1-1 dispatchers to have the most reliable, state of the art equipment. For this reason, VPI is committed to providing its customers with only the most advanced solution available today for digital call recording, monitoring and retrieval.

After installing the system in 2001, VPI was able to provide Arcata with a reliable recorder that seamlessly integrated with their pre-existing NEC PBX system and Vesta CTI-based 9-1-1 system manufactured by Plant Equipment. Randy Mendoza of the Arcata Police Department has said that, “the VPI solution was a great investment for our station. Not only does it record all of our critical dispatch calls, it allows us to maintain the system at very low costs. We don’t have to pay for expensive proprietary software or hardware fixes.”

Built around standard PCs, the VPI software-based open architecture offers every customer an easy to use solution. Because VPI uses commercially off the shelf (COTS) standard hardware from industry leaders, users are able to easily maintain their system in-house as needs evolve. Maintenance is as easy as a visit to the local computer store or a simple download from the Internet. Not only is maintenance easy, with VPI’s remote diagnostics, problems are found and resolved quickly, assuring that recording continues uninterrupted.

The system is programmed to bring power and ease-of-use together to meet all of a client’s recording, monitoring and playback needs. Extremely user-friendly, with a simple tabbed graphical user interface (GUI), even the most non-technical person can operate the VPI system. This lessens training time and allows agents to get on the phones quickly. Modular in design, the VPI system offers an unparalleled degree of scalability in growth and functionality with anunlimited number of channels and storage hours.