VPI Helps Fairbanks Police Department Ensure Community Safety

Customer: Fairbanks Police Department

Industry: Public Safety (Gov. Agency)

State: AK


To handle all of their call and radio logging and storage, Fairbanks has installed a VPI digital voice recording system that “provides the police department with a mission critical tool for ensuring the safety of the community.”

Business Profile

The Fairbanks Police Department has an authorized strength of 47 which includes 44 sworn officers and three civilian support personnel. It also has state of the art equipment and technology and specializes in assignments including Tactical Police Team, Traffic Enforcement Unit, K9 Handler, Motor Unit, Bicycle/Foot Patrol, Drug Investigator and Detective.


The mission of the Fairbanks Police Department is to serve the public with integrity, wisdom, courage and compassion; working in partnership with the community to make Fairbanks a great place to live, work and visit. The department recognizes the value and importance of its position in the community and the critical services that it provides to the city of Fairbanks on a daily basis. Part of that involves the dispatch center that manages the important calls that are made from and to the police department. In a county where every 15 minutes a burglar is breaking into a house, apartment or condominium, Fairbanks understands that it is vital that the department record, document, and store emergency calls for future reference, court dates, and to use for training purposes.


Fairbanks’ commitment to providing the highest quality of professional law enforcement service to the community along with its goal of enhancing the quality of life is evident by the state-of-the-art technology that the department deploys. To handle all of their call recording and storage, Fairbanks has installed a VPI digital voice recording system. Stephanie Learner of the Fairbanks PD said that the VPI system “provides the police department with a mission critical tool for ensuring the safety of the community.”

The system is developed to bring power and ease-of-use together to meet all of Fairbanks PD’s recording, monitoring and playback needs. With a simple tabbed graphical user interface (GUI) and the intuitive Windows operating system, even the most non-technical person can operate the system.

Designed with both ease of use as well as the highest level of reliability in mind, the VPI Digital Voice recording  system is used in multiple public safety offices nationwide. Because of VPI’s extensive experience in the public safety sector, VPI has had the opportunity to evolve its system based on the needs of its customers, ensuring that they are providing the optimal recording system for public safety departments.

Built around standard PCs, the VPI software-based solution follows open architecture strategy to offer every customer an easy to use and cost-efficient solution. Because VPI uses commercially off the shelf (COTS) standard hardware from industry leaders, users are able to easily maintain and upgrade their recording system as their needs evolve - maintenance and upgrades are as easy as a visit to the local computer store or a simple download from the Internet. Modular in design, the VPI system offers an unparalleled degree of scalability in growth and functionality with an unlimited number of channels and storage hours.