Frontier Airlines Improves Agent Training and Profitability with VPI

Customer: Frontier Airlines

Industry: Transportation

State: CO


Frontier Airlines installed a VPI PC phone recorder for liability and quality assurance puposes. VPI’s PC phone recorder is reliable, easy to maintain, and extremely flexible to handle the expected growth of Frontier Airlines, the second largest jet service carrier of Denver International Airport.

Business Profile

Denver-based Frontier Airlines is the second largest jet service carrier of Denver International Airport, coast to coast with a fleet of Boeing 737 and Airbus 319 aircrafts. Since its inception in 1994, Frontier Airlines has grown from 180 employees to its current size of approximately 2,200 aviation professionals.  The FCC mandates that all airlines record their air traffic and radio communications. For this reason, Frontier realized that they needed a more sophisticated voice and data recording solution to manage their high volume of communications. After a careful and thorough review of the options that were available, Frontier chose to install a recording solution from VPI (VPI).


Among other requirements, “it was critical to Frontier that the VPI system be very reliable, easy to maintain, and extremely flexible to handle the expected growth of the company” said Dave Meade, Telecommunications Manager at Frontier Airlines. “We have been using the VPI system for a few years now and it has not let us down.”


VPI is committed to providing the industry’s most cost-efficient, flexible and reliable solutions for digital multimedia recording and contact center quality assurance over the long-term, since this product line is the corporation’s main focus. Unlike other vendors, who limit their product offerings to their “closed” solution packages, VPI offers “open-minded” solutions to allow for seamless integration with other PC-based applications your organization uses on a daily basis or is planning to acquire in the future.

VPI systems have been designed specifically to allow for the most flexibility and ease in software modifications, programming, and integration with other products. VPI is scalable to tens of thousands of channels, with virtually unlimited hours of storage and unlimited hours of instant recall. Non-proprietary hardware combined with an open architecture will streamline maintenance and allow for flexibility in parameters selection and their changes over time.

Designed around Microsoft NT/2000/XP, VPI’s digital voice recorder is a true 32-bit multitasking and multithreaded application. Because each channel and function run independent of one another, in the event of a failure, the rest of the process is not effected. Each recorder is a self-contained unit that runs independently of your LAN/WAN.

VPI was the first in the industry to offer rock-solid fault resilient industrial grade PC components to run your voice logging system. The standard system comes with mirrored hot-swap fans, disk drives and power supplies. The standard RAID configuration includes remote monitoring capabilities.



Significant Benefits

As Frontier Airlines grows its contact center base, the VPI System will grow along with them. VPI is currently in negotiations with Frontier to install multiple channels of our solution in their main contact center located in Las Cruces that employs over 200 agents.

“With the VPI system that we will be installing, we hope to improve agent training, protect against disputes with customers, and increase overall profitability” Meade said. “We have great confidence in the VPI solution that it will give us the tools to reach all of our goals.”