VPI enables Bargain Network Agents to Recreate the Total Customer Experience

Customer: Bargain Network

Industry: Contact Center

State: CA


For a contact center like Bargain Networks, one of the country's largest call centers, customer service is top priority. When Bargain Networks decided to upgrade their call centre recording and call centre monitoring systems they chose to implement VPI’s solution. Because VPI provides the most flexible and reliable solution on the market today, Bargain Network knew that they were in good hands.

Business Profile

Bargain Network specializes in locating “distressed sale” opportunities for its network members. It is one of the leading merchandise search engines for real estate foreclosures, government-seized merchandise, and live auction events. In order to maintain their status of “premier merchandise search engine” Bargain Network offers live agents assisting customers 24 hours a day.

Since its founding in 1995, Bargain Network has provided more than one million members with fast and accurate information on hard-to-find foreclosure homes, cheap used cars, and discount shopping online.


For a contact center such as Bargain Network customer service is top priority. With a call volume of 12,000 calls/day, supervisors at Bargain Network had the need to monitor, record and store all communications between agent and customer for both liability and quality assurance.


When Bargain Networks decided to upgrade their call and data recording systems they chose to implement VPI’s call center recording solution. Because VPI provides the most flexible and reliable solution on the market today, Bargain Network knew that they were in good hands.



Significant Benefits

Recreate the Customer Experience

“We are able to monitor both verbal and electronic communication between our agents and the customer.” Said Justin Morganthaler, a Senior Systems Supervisor for Bargain Network. “With VPI’s product we can re-create the customer experience and evaluate the performance of the agent by reviewing any communication via phone, fax, email, and/or web. This is critical in order for us to maintain our high level of customer service.”

Prior to installing the VPI call center recording solution, Bargain Networks had been recording their critical communications using simple cassette tapes and tape recorders off the shelf. As the business grew, the quality of the recording and archiving was not meeting their high standards and they were not able to realize the full potential of recorded information. VPI was able to provide them with a cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use solution for real-time digital data recording.

Fast Data Retrieval

Morganthaler said, “because we need to be available for our customers 24 hours/day, we were looking for a solution that would, in essence, take care of itself. VPI’s solution allowed us to optimally use our time servicing customers, rather than administering to our recorder.” Because VPI’s call center recording solution archives to DVD-RAM, a reliable, long-term storage media, clients can locate data with pinpoint accuracy and lightening-fast speed. The media provides access to any calls within seconds, can be re-written more than 100,000 times, has a shelf life of approximately 30 years and an incredibly low cost per megabyte.

Extreme Reliability

VPI offers the most fault tolerant call center recording solution available today. Through dual, hot-swappable hard drives, power supplies, and fans, should any one of these critical components “crash” the system is designed to continue operating without interruption.