STOP LLC Selects VPI QUALITY to Tackle 100% Call Recording

Customer: STOP LLC

Industry: Government

State: TX


With contractual compliance and liability issues to mind, STOP LLC knew it needed to record 100 percent of its incoming and outgoing calls. The company’s outsourced recording solution was making it difficult for the company to locate and playback call recordings and successfully pursue an effective quality assurance program. With VPI QUALITY, everything changed.

Business Profile

Since its inception in 2004, Satellite Tracking of People LLC (STOP) has been a leader and innovator in the electronic monitoring industry. The company introduced the first one-piece Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring device, BluTag, and has since enhanced its functionality and expanded its suite of monitoring tools.


STOP handles approximately 350 incoming and outgoing calls on a daily basis. The call center agents are split into two skills groups, each highly trained to handle a variety of customer needs and queries ranging from order taking and basic trouble shooting and advanced technical support to supplying urgent outreach to emergency services agencies. Outreach may include providing notification that an enrollee has crossed a designated boundary into a prohibited geographical area, or could mean contacting an enrollee directly to warn of potential rule violations.

Due to contractual compliance and liability issues, STOP needed to record 100 percent of its incoming and outgoing calls. The company’s outsourced recording solution was cumbersome, making it difficult to quickly locate and playback call recordings and hard for the company to successfully pursue an effective quality assurance program.

In addition to full time call recording, the company wanted to find a solution that already included or could easily upgrade to add quality monitoring and screen recording capabilities.


After carefully evaluating a variety of call recording solutions currently available, STOP selected the award-winning VPI QUALITY™, a unique and robust full-time recording and quality monitoring solution.

“The flexibility of the solution was a major factor in our decision to implement VPI QUALITY,” said Kevin Laugherty, director of product support at STOP. “We weren’t locked into anything. Other vendors wanted us to use their hardware, which wasn’t server class. With VPI, we could provide our own hardware. In addition, with the VPI system we could store our recordings on our enterprise storage system – a requirement that many other vendors couldn’t accommodate.  Some vendors could archive, but could not keep all files available for searching.  With VPI, we can do both. Price was also a major consideration and VPI was able to demonstrate a very strong value proposition. Post sale I came to understand the value VPI provides with technical support and assistance, which is huge.”

While going through the selection process for a new recording and quality monitoring solution, STOP was simultaneously implementing a new phone system for its offices and call center.

“It was important to select a vendor that was both certified and approved by Mitel because of the close relationship and assistance provided by both parties, which proves invaluable when taking implementation and on-going support into consideration,” explained Laugherty. “While we started with a fresh system, we had several requirements for the recording device and timing.  VPI carefully outlined the process and hardware to accomplish the successful implementation.  Another advantage in selecting VPI QUALITY was its close interaction with Mitel. We didn’t have to make any changes to our phone system and could seamlessly integrate both new systems, which helped us provide continuous service to our customers.”



Significant Benefits

With the improved operational efficiencies gained through VPI QUALITY, STOP’s evaluators and managers have more time and resources available to address strategic and mission critical business goals. STOP can now count on VPI’s solid reputation for providing the most reliable, full-time recording capabilities.

“In addition to contractual compliance, for us, 100 percent recording is important for liability and the safety of our employees. For example, if an agent contacts an enrollee to tell them the battery of their monitoring device is low and needs to be charged and the enrollee subsequently becomes threatening and abusive, we can contact the appropriate parties to address the situation – for the safety and security of the agent and for documentation purposes.”

STOP’s laborious, time-consuming searches through emails for call recordings are now a thing of the past.

“VPI QUALITY has helped us from a time-saving standpoint and mitigated the frustration of our supervisors or anyone who needs to find a call. Our agents can now find their own calls and ensure they haven’t missed anything that could potentially help our customers," said Laugherty.

STOP’s quality assurance program has been transformed by VPI QUALITY in that the company can see where it is with QA statistics, how many have been reviewed, what areas call for training improvements and what areas are showing strengths that can be shared with other departments.

With VPI QUALITY, STOP can motivate and boost the performance of its agents by sharing examples of strong interactions.
"We’ve had really great calls that we’ve shared with other staff members. These ‘moments of excellence’ are highlighted as examples of how things should be. They provide agent validation and reinforce good behaviors," said Laugherty.

VPI QUALITY tickers can be used to share call recordings with agents, along with coaching and training materials, agent statistics (individually and by group) and scorecards.

“We like the fact that the tickers can be used to involve agents and show them where they are in the process – it empowers them and helps instill pride in their work.”