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VPI Professional Services

Choosing to implement VPI solutions is a smart, long-term investment decision. The next step is to ensure that you are maximizing your investment. By adopting your interactions recording and workforce optimization technologies quickly and correctly, your team will be more productive and your service levels significantly enhanced – providing you with a powerful competitive advantage. The creation of relevant, high-impact workforce optimization programs that leverage combined technologies and maximize ROI is a mixture of art and science. VPI’s Professional Services team has extensive experience and expertise in your industry, coupled with the right tools, methodologies, and best practices to guarantee you get the best results possible.

VPI Services Help Maximize the ROI of Your Technology Investment

VPI’s Professional Services will focus on people, processes, and your best-in-class technology requirements – we will tailor our approach to match your organization’s specific goals and unique environment:

  • Expediting time to value

  • Accelerating learning curve and productivity

  • Reducing your total cost of ownership

  • Mitigating implementation and technology risks

  • Driving predictable, quantifiable bottom-line success

VPI’s Professional Services team works side-by-side with your technical and business staff to customize, implement, integrate, augment, and optimize high-performance interactions recording and workforce optimization solutions and strategies. Service offerings from VPI make it easy for your organization to gain accurate, timely, actionable insights regarding the performance of your contact center teams and the value they generate towards the fulfillment of your enterprise objectives. We help you to minimize risk, ensure superior service delivery, and improve the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers – all of which will inevitably improve your bottom line.

VPI’s Comprehensive Professional Services Offerings

  • Best Practices Workforce OptimizationGuides you from documenting the baseline workforce optimization practices through planning of operational improvement strategy to the development of your custom best practices and agent coaching programs.

  • Quality Management Provides tools and insights for the creation of a customized call quality monitoring program, focusing on desirable employee skills and behaviors that reflect specific enterprise, departmental, and customer objectives. Focuses on consistent tracking and reporting through the creation of agent performance evaluation forms that provide the flexibility to adjust to emerging trends and shifts in business strategy.

  • Custom Report Development Mentors your report writers in identifying, collecting, and presenting key data elements leading to strategic insights that are critical to the management of your processes and operations.

  • Custom Dashboard DevelopmentTeaches you how to maximize the value of real-time performance feedback and intelligent, dynamic reporting through the development of dashboard views, customized for agents and all applicable levels of management.

  • High Impact Speech Analytics Identifies methods of effective market research through automated analysis of vast amount of unstructured, yet extremely valuable information – customer call recordings. Provides unique insights into customer satisfaction, the impact of marketing strategies, and an organization’s competitive performance.

  • Integration and CustomizationProvides tools and guidance for the successful, painless integration of VPI’s applications into your pre-existing or future applications, including but not limited to:
    -Financial Tracking
    -Sales and Marketing Systems

  • Performance Management and Calibration Assists in defining, collecting, and analyzing critical business performance metrics and establishes calibration methodology for each, enabling the structured process of tracking the return on investment (ROI) provided by your VPI solution.