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VPI Launches Free 30-Day Trial of its Virtual Call Agents
Offers Unique Opportunity to Gain Major Advantages of Conversational Self-Service Agents Powered by Artificial Intelligence

VPI, the leading provider of customer experience and workforce optimization solutions, today announced the launch of the VPI VirtualSource Challenge. Qualifying organizations can now take advantage of a free 30-day trial of VPI's conversational virtual call agents powered by Artificial Intelligence. The VPI VirtualSource virtual call agent service effectively automates a wider variety of inbound and outbound call types and off-loads the mundane and repetitive tasks from human agents that drive up costs and negatively impact agent satisfaction. Hailed as the perfect supplement to traditional insourced and outsourced contact center agents, this cost-effective, scalable virtual workforce in the cloud enables organizations to gain a competitive service advantage while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

"Organizations have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain," said Mike Mercadante, VPI's chief technology officer. "With so many delighted VPI VirtualSource customers, we have complete confidence in the effectiveness of our conversational virtual call agents and will take care of everything to get you successfully automating calls. From design, implementation, integration, quality monitoring and tuning, we will do all the work and absorb all of the services costs. We will even provide 30 days of free usage."

Prior to implementation, VPI works with participants to establish a self-service success rate goal that is mutually acceptable, and if VPI doesn't meet or exceed that goal, participants can stop using the service - and pay nothing. Participants simply agree up front, that when the goal is achieved within 30 days, to pay just 25 cents per minute or less for usage at the same or larger capacity for one more year.

VPI's intelligent virtual agents provide a conversational experience that was previously impossible with traditional touchtone or speech IVR. Virtual agents dynamically adapt to conversation flow in real time for expedited, personalized call resolution - they use their short-term memory to keep track of prior conversation flow and long-term memory to recognize callers and remember their actions and preferences from previous calls. Eighty percent less expensive than human agents, VPI VirtualSource automates a much broader range of call types at a significantly lower cost per call. Virtual agents also achieve much higher rates of call completion than traditional and speech IVRs. They can handle an inbound or outbound transaction end-to-end, or they can handle the routine parts of calls and then seamlessly transfer the caller to live agents along with the information already collected, for the resolution of more complex customer needs.

Many organizations are already reaping the major benefits of virtual call agents. For example, after a successful five week implementation, a member-driven automobile club that offers roadside assistance, travel and insurance services was able to use virtual call agents to reduce agent call time by 60 percent - down from three minutes with an outsourced live agent to just 75 seconds. They also decreased overall costs of call service delivery by more than 60 percent and significantly improved customer satisfaction scores.

Request a free 30-day trial, listen to several virtual agent call audio samples, or call 800-200-5430 to learn more.

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Proven Results
"Virtual call agents have helped us reduce our call handle times and overall service delivery costs by 60 percent and improve our customer satisfaction scores."
- Automobile Club

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