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VPI Introduces VPI EMPOWER 911 5.3 to Arm Public Safety First Responders with Robust Recording and Quality Assurance Technologies to Meet Next Generation 9-1-1 Standards

VPI (Voice Print International, Inc.,, the world’s leading developer of multimedia communications recording and quality assurance solutions for public safety emergency service providers, government agencies and enterprises worldwide, today announced the availability of VPI EMPOWER 911 suite version 5.3. Proven successful in NENA ICE4 interoperability testing in November 2011, VPI EMPOWER 911 5.3 is the most robust, Next Generation 9-1-1 ready, analytics-enhanced solution for communications recording, quality assurance, performance management, and electronic learning. Armed with VPI EMPOWER 911, emergency response and dispatch operations are prepared to meet the needs of the converging public safety network and its responsibility for citizen safety under today’s tougher conditions.

VPI EMPOWER 911 5.3 sets the new standard for recording system capacity and reliability, coupled with convenience and speed of user interface for new-generation emergency response monitoring, case investigation, workflow analysis and embedded quality improvement mechanism. These powerful tools can be implemented in a variety of secure, cost-effective configurations that readily adapt to changing conditions.

“As active participants in NENA’s Next Generation Partner Program and more than 15 years of experience developing solutions for public safety organizations, we understand and strive to resolve the many challenges they face today,” said Mike Mercadante, chief technology officer at VPI. “VPI EMPOWER 911 5.3 simplifies and speeds up incident analysis and reconstruction to facilitate investigations. Our enhanced quality assurance tools with integrated E-learning help dispatch communication centers gain greater confidence in providing outstanding precision and quality of emergency response.”

Most notably, the VPI EMPOWER 911 suite now includes:

Streamlined, unified access to live and most recent communications.
Super-fast and convenient analysis, filtering and playback of multimedia interactions.
Integrated redaction for editing, masking and muting sensitive portions of copies of audio and screen video recordings – while protecting the authenticity of original records – so they can be used for employee training and in public communications.
Tighter integration of Coaching and E-learning interface with Quality Assurance tools for improved management of employee learning progress.
Increased recording channel capacity per server for lower total cost of ownership and other low-cost configuration options.
Support for high-density Blu-ray storage.
Efficient next generation console screen recording for faster processing of captured single or multi-monitor screen video.
Powerful user training support with extensive online help and integrated how-to videos.

VPI EMPOWER 911 5.3 is deliberately designed for fast deployment, customization and training, offering an enviable number of system architecture options to support the latest public safety communication technologies. The system’s fast, highly-customizable interface, powerful Web-based instant recall for playback of current or recent calls, multi-channel player for incident replay, powerful reports and visualizations of current and historical performance and many other easy-to-use tools increase the efficiency, accuracy, and operational effectiveness of emergency response, vital for earning citizen confidence.

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VPI (Voice Print International, Inc.) is a premier innovator and provider of mission-critical interaction recording and workforce optimization solutions for government agencies, first responders, emergency service providers, security companies, and enterprises worldwide. More than 1,500 customers in 50 countries rely on VPI's award-winning suite of communications center solutions to capture, analyze, evaluate, and share their recorded communications. In addition to secure records management for evidentiary purposes, VPI solutions enable federal, state, local, and private agencies to ensure compliance with policies and regulations, improve the quality of their mission-critical voice and data interactions, maximize the performance and retention of their staff, and deliver first-rate customer service. For more information, contact us at 1-800-200-5430 or visit

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