Phone Call Monitoring with a Phone Monitoring System from VPI
CTI Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost
Experience Voice Print's D-Channel Advantage

Yesterday, if your contact center did not have tens of thousands of dollars invested in a CTI server, you were missing out on a gold mine of resources for flexible phone call recording management, data retrieval and categorization with complete accuracy, meaningful analysis of customer experience data, and much more.

Today, Voice Print offers its customers D-Channel (Data Channel) Phone Monitoring at a fraction of the cost. D-Channel Phone Monitoring delivers most of the same digital phone events and caller information (without having to rely on the TCP/IP LAN connection) to the small contact center as a CTI server at less than 25% of the price.

D-channel phone monitoring software allows the recorder to capture selected information sent to or from the PBX station set. The recorder can be programmed to start or stop recording based on most of the information categories, as listed below (check with your Voice Print representative for details):

  • Caller ID (if available from the audio source)
  • DNIS (if available from the audio source)
  • Hold Command as a trigger
  • Line Masking
  • Agent Identification Capture (to be released soon)
  • Call Direction and Number Dialed
  • Recording Start/Stop for each channel
  • Record-on-Demand
  • Key Presses to Activate a System Function
  • And More!

D-channel phone monitoring is currently available for Avaya, NEC, Inter-Tel, Nortel, Mitel, and Ericsson digital PBX systems. Gradually, D-channel phone monitoring software will be offered with additional PBX systems.

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