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Contact Center Selling for VARs
Contact centers are steeped in technology, from basic PBX systems to ACDs, IVRs, scheduling and CRM applications.

As seen in Telecom Reseller

As seen in Telecom Reseller

By Patrick Botz, Global Director of Marketing, Voice Print International

Contact centers are steeped in technology, from basic PBX systems to ACDs, IVRs, scheduling and CRM applications. Most of these organizations recognize the need to implement and upgrade their enabling technologies in order to remain profitable, better service customers and continue to successfully compete for business. However, many are unsure about where to purchase this technology. Do they go directly to vendors, turn to VARs or choose to hire an independent consultant?

Some of the most successful VARs position themselves as complete providers, serving as trusted consultants offering expertise and certification in a comprehensive range of solutions. They don't limit themselves to selling a few pieces of the puzzle but work to become a go-to advisor and procurer.

The vast majority of contact centers are small-to-medium in size. According to research conducted by the Pelorus Group, 65 percent have from five to 20 agents. Moreover, sites of 150 agents or less comprise 95 percent of the world's centers and employ over half of all agents. What's more, indications are that small centers also comprise the fastest-growing segment of the industry.

Large companies are moving to smaller multi-site operations and fast-growing medium-size companies of 100-1000 employees are creating new centers. However, while smaller operations have the same core missions and operate in much the same way as their larger counterparts, they tend to lag far behind the over 250-agent centers in technology adoption. Consequently, they are operating less efficiently. This is where the expertise of a skilled, well-equipped VAR is invaluable.

You need to be able to offer customers the solutions they need, not just the ones they're looking to replace. Interaction recording and automated quality monitoring systems are among the must-haves for today's centers. Once staff reaches 20-30 manual methods are no longer practical or cost-effective. That said, only 35 percent with 25-50 agents have a recording solution in place. This rises to 58 percent for centers with between 50-250 and once you get to the big guys there is 90 percent adoption.

Recording revolves around the core missions of the contact center. Many organizations now record 100 percent of agent interactions to assure compliance with regulations and directives, while liability protection from disputes is another major driving force. Agent evaluation and identification of coaching opportunities are additional factors, as is collection of information to enhance decision-making.

Whether you are currently selling solutions or considering entering into the space for the first time, sales opportunities are ripe for recording solutions.

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