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VPI Wins Rising Star Award from Preeminent Publication for Customer Relationship Management
VPI was one of only three companies recognized by the magazine in its annual Rising Star program.

Camarillo , Calif. – April 30, 2007 – VPI ( Voice Print International, Inc.), a leading innovator and provider of integrated interactions recording and proactive workforce optimization (WFO) applications, today announced that it has been awarded a Rising Star Award from CRM Magazine, the preeminent publication for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry.  VPI was one of only three companies recognized by the magazine in its annual Rising Star program.

According to David Myron, CRM's Editorial Director, the Rising Star awards were introduced to honor customer service technology vendors that are gaining momentum in their respective spaces. “By expanding its portfolio of integrated quality monitoring and workforce optimization technologies and positioning itself as a serious player in a very competitive space, VPI has demonstrated the characteristics we look for in our Rising Star winners,” explained Myron. “We also received consistently positive responses from the analyst community when we mentioned VPI, telling us that the company was, indeed, a rising star in the industry.”

In recent years, industry analysts have become increasingly aware of VPI's growing reputation for providing world-class contact center solutions that empower organizations to be proactive – to actively identify, intervene, and optimize rather than wait and react. “'The Power to be Proactive' captures a major shift in the mission and expectations of contact centers today,” said Richard Bucci with the Pelorus Group.” Modern contact centers are expected to not only quickly and accurately respond to customer queries but at the same time control costs, build customer loyalty, generate new revenues, and feed critical consumer insights back to management – in other words be more proactive. Through its innovative technology and strong network of industry partnerships VPI is well positioned to provide the solutions contact centers need to take on these new responsibilities."

Industry analysts at Frost & Sullivan have also reported on VPI's remarkable success, "If you look at the big trends in quality monitoring … such as VoIP recording and extending the results throughout the enterprise, they [VPI] offer a good solution,” observed Seema Lall, a strategic analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “VPI 's real time performance optimization solutions offer a complete picture of contact center performance (individual, group, and overall) and instant comparative analysis for more accurate, comprehensive information. An excellent understanding of contact center dynamics and a well rounded product line has placed the company in a favorable position for the future."  

Andy Marsh, president of VPI, was delighted to receive the award, "We are very gratified that VPI has been recognized as a ‘Rising Star' by CRM. We started out as a recording and quality management solution provider, and as a result of listening to ours customers' needs and responding accordingly, we've built a world-class suite of best-of-breed WFO solutions that is unmatched in the industry today,” said Marsh. “We have also placed a great deal of emphasis upon building strong strategic partnerships with global technology leaders like Avaya and Cisco, leveraging our open standards-based solutions to maximum advantage, and pioneering some of the most innovative VoIP recording and contact center analytics solutions on the market. We have a lot of exciting plans for the future, including brand-new WFO solutions and several new unprecedented features for Activ! Performance Suite TM .”

The Rising Star award is one of several prestigious designations recently given to VPI and its products.  In 2006, VPI's Activ! Performance Suite TM received its second Best of Show award in the category of Best Call Monitoring/Recording Systems at the International Call Center Management (ICCM) Conference & Exposition. 

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