Count on us and our proven implementation methodology.


“We were very impressed with the VPI Project Manager’s excellent efforts to keep us informed about the status of our system and the projected installation date. He made sure we had a weekly phone conference call so all interested parties could be kept up to date. The VPI Installation Technician handled the installation and training in a very professional manner, and certainly continued the very positive image we have had of VPI since out first contact with the VPI Account Manager.”
- La Crosse County Public Safety Communications

With over 1,000 successful call center recording and quality management solution implementation since 1997, VPI has learned that nothing is more important than establishing open and unbroken communication with our customers during every phase of their VPI implementation. Why? Because every customer has unique requirements, and a “one size fits all” approach just won’t cut it. You’re the expert on what you need, and that’s why we make sure we listen, and keep on listening, every step of the way. You’ll always know exactly what to expect during your VPI implementation, including the current status of every phase and milestone. In a highly professional process that typically lasts from four to six weeks, your VPI sales engineer and a specially assigned account manager at VPI headquarters will work as a team to coordinate the overall process from beginning to end. They will be in constant communication with each other, so that if your sales engineer is traveling and unavailable on a particular day, the account manager at VPI headquarters will be available to answer any of your questions or address your concerns.

From our initial survey of your site to understand your exact requirements to a comprehensive call center recording and monitoring quality management solution proposal, and continuing on through your project’s initiation, installation, testing and training, everyone at VPI will be working as a team to make your implementation successful.

Steps to a Successful Implementation:

1. Needs Determination and Solution Development

Your sales engineer and account manager (with help from the entire sales engineering group) tailor a VPI solution to exactly meet your requirements. Deliverables to you may include a Site Survey, the Statement of Work, and a Purchase Agreement contract.

2. Project Initiation

The VPI professional services team, and core engineering groups join your sales engineer and account manager to finalize the details of your VPI solution. Deliverables for your approval can include a Project Plan, Site Preparation Guides, and a Maintenance Agreement.

3. System Implementation

A system engineer and your project manager will help to verify the completion of your site preparation. The VPI OperationsTeam will be involved in preparing the system build and burn-in testing for your solution, and scheduling an onsite or remote installation date (acceptable to you or certified dealer)and technical resource to complete the installation of your solution. These details will be communicated through your assigned VPI Project Manager.

4. Installation and Training

Your VPI installation technician (or certified dealer) will install equipment any purhcased hardware components, load software, and perform testing of all systems to your satisfaction. Once system verification is completed, your installation technician will train your technical system administrators, and a VPI Corporate Trainer will be scheduled to train yourusers on your new VPI applications.

5. Post-Implementation Follow-Up

One or two weeks after your installation and training is complete, your VPI project manager will call to make sure everything is running smoothly, and making sure any technical support issues are being directed to our Help Desk Support Team Post acceptance of the project, your account manager will take over again from your project manager, tore-establishing their ongoing relationship with you for future endeavors.

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