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Experience unprecedented flexibility and convenience in data gathering, access and distribution! VPI’s open standards technology supports endless flexibility in connectivity, integrations and customization. Developed around the principles of true open architecture, VPI call monitoring and digital telephone recording software-based solutions fit seamlessly into your IT infrastructure – meeting the needs of your specific environment.

Digital and Analog Telephony
In addition to compatibility with most analog and digital phone systems, VPI provides CTI compatibility and direct digital integration with all major PBXs. In addition, exclusive D-channel monitoring captures expanded call detail information without the need for an expensive CTI server (required by other digital telephone recording software-based systems just to achieve the same level of functionality)..

VoIP Telephony
VPI’s IP telephone recording software solutions are fully compatible and integrate seamlessly with industry leading VoIP telephony platforms from Cisco Systems and Avaya. Through collaboration with major VoIP telephony solution developers, we ensure that our clients can effectively capture, evaluate, analyze and improve multimedia interactions over converging networks. VPI solutions support the transition from legacy PBX systems to the new ROI boosting VoIP telephony-based solutions.

Radio Communications
VPI systems are compatible with every analog radio system on the market today. Our solutions capture all incoming radio audio on trunked radio channels, including UHF, VHF or 800 MHz. Major vendors supported include Motorola, Macom, Positron and many others.

Turrets / Hoot 'n' Holler Systems
The typical financial trading floor has more external private lines and PSTN trunks than it has traders! As a result, traders use custom phone instruments such as turrets and hoot ‘n’ holler systems that provide instant access to a wide range of external lines. To meet these demands, VPI systems integrate seamlessly with today’s leading turret, hoot ‘n’ holler, and intercom systems from industry leaders including IPC and Speakerbus.

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