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Customer Success Story
Webb Interactive Marketing Profile
Webb Interactive Marketing Company (WIMCO) is a leading outbound contact center with several core areas of competency that include sales and market research.
Business Challenge
The company needed a call center recording system that offered reliable recording, faster call record retrieval, higher functionality and improved integration with its contact center systems.
Solution Overview
VPI CAPTURE for unified telephone recording and secure, centralized access, analysis and administration
Significant Benefits
Improved record retrieval and playback, Decreased maintenance, Improved training, Increased sales
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Webb Interactive Marketing Improves Training, Service and Sales with VPI and Inter-Tel

VPI and Inter-Tel teamed up to provide Webb Interactive Marketing Company, a leading outbound contact center, with the ultimate call center recording and monitoring solution for rapid and easy call record search, retrieval and playback for improved training, customer service and sales.

With VPI we can now quickly and efficiently retrieve and send more call recordings as .WAV files to our clients, improving customer service and increasing revenues while doing so.

Webb Interactive Marketing

Business Profile

Webb Interactive Marketing Company (WIMCO) is a leading outbound contact center with several core areas of competency that include sales and market research. With clients in over 40 states, WIMCO requires that 100% of their contact center calls be recorded for liability and quality assurance purposes. The company believes that quality starts with a professional call and the ability of its agents to accurately interpret conversations and enter results into the system.


In early 2001, WIMCO was interested in learning more about how it could upgrade its current integrated solution to a higher technology system. Particularly, they were interested in a call center recording system that would enable reliable recording, faster call record retrieval, higher functionality and improved integration. WIMCO contacted Inter-Tel, a VPI Four Star Dealer, to find out what options were available to accomplish their objectives.

WIMCO had already been using a recording solution that failed to offer them the functionality and flexibility necessary to satisfy the needs of the marketplace. Unreliability and inefficiency of the original telephony-based solution severely limited the effectiveness of their contact center agents and enterprise as a whole.

“Our previous recording system took too much administration time to complete requests. It was extremely slow - the application took over two minutes to open and log into. Then, after logging in, the software was slow moving from one screen to the next and often froze for minutes before displaying the desired screen. Once you managed to get to the search screen it was a confusing form to fill in, causing user errors. A search that should take less than two minutes could take up to fifteen,” explained Jason Asp, Information Technology Manager at WIMCO.

WIMCO evaluated several recording solution vendors based on the following purchase decision factors:

  1. Reliability - as an outbound call center, 100% of calls must be recorded
  2. Capacity – WIMCO records up to 10,000 calls per day
  3. Ease of searching for records – being able to search by Phone Number, Agent, Time, Date, and much more.
  4. Speed of searching for records – being able to open the application, search, and email a call record in less than one minute.
  5. Technology - all functions must work together and be able to accommodate their growing business


WIMCO wanted a reliable, flexible telephony solution, one that would provide them with all the features and capabilities necessary to efficiently run their operations – this included call management software, unified messaging, predictive dialer, custom integration, and call recording, storage and retrieval. After evaluating offerings from several companies, meeting with a Senior Sales Engineer at Inter-Tel, and participating in an interactive VPI product demonstration, WIMCO chose to purchase a complete solution that included both Inter-Tel Axxess telephony software, a predictive dialer and a VPI digital voice logger.

VPI teamed up with Inter-Tel to provide WIMCO with VPI CAPTURE to successfully and reliably capture the complete customer-agent experience, providing the tools for enhancement of contact center productivity and efficiency. A VPI certified technician installed VPI CAPTURE at WIMCO’s call center site.

“VPI and Inter-Tel worked very well together as a team to get our install taken care of as smoothly as possible. The VPI system works seamlessly with our Inter-Tel Axxess phone system,” says Asp. “In addition to system performance, VPI’s service and customer care is top notch compared to other recording system vendors we have worked with.”

Significant Benefits

VPI CAPTURE provided WIMCO with the optimal recording system to meet all of its needs and much more.

Rapid and Easy Record Search and Retrieval

VPI is the most intuitive and user-friendly system available today. The search and retrieval allows for many different search parameters; date, time, channel, agent ID, call duration, call direction, user definable fields, call categorization, text character patterns within a note field, colored flags, and more. Additionally, each networked PC workstation running VPClient software can have multiple predefined search criteria for ease of retrieval based on the set of criteria used frequently.

“VPI offers a very easy to use client piece. The system tags each call with a great deal of information, which is very useful for searching, training, and evaluating an agent,” explains Asp. ”The VPI system has also helped to overcome the problem of purging old call recordings automatically. Our previous system would fill search directories, forcing a manual retrieval of recordings. This made search and retrieval extremely time consuming and frustrating.”

The VPI system utilizes Borland’s extremely powerful InterBase SQL database to deliver a true Client/Server solution. When retrieving calls for playback, the user-selected results are brought up instantaneously from the server, via a query sent from the client desktop. There is no file size limit to VPI’s database, which is imperative in a 100% recording environment. Even after several years’ worth of calls, WIMCO will be able to bring up records in a matter of seconds.

Simple Record Playback and Sharing for Improved Customer Service

“We receive approximately twenty record requests every day. These records are often used to verify customer complaints of our clients or internally for agent training,” reports Asp. “With VPI we can now quickly and efficiently retrieve and send more call recordings as WAV files to our clients, improving customer service and increasing revenues while doing so.”

A standard feature of the VPI recording system is the ability to automatically attach multiple records as a WAV file or files to an email header by simply clicking one button on the user interface within the VPI application screen. The WAV file (in compressed format using GSM compression) allows a 10-minute call to be emailed as a 1 MB file.

“The system also saves records in a smaller WAV file than we were used to with our previous recording system, enabling us to maintain a much smaller backup of requested recordings,” mentions Asp.

GSM is Microsoft standard for audio compression and is therefore recognized by standard media players such as Windows Media Player and Real Player. Consequently, recipients of emailed call records can playback the attached file(s) without the need for any additional software. This greatly enhances the user’s ability to easily and quickly transfer the calls to those persons who need to listen to the calls.

Enhanced Customization and Integration

Stressing its product philosophy of providing “open-minded” solutions, VPI offers the advantage of its open-architecture API and Active X toolkit as a standard. This allows customers to achieve smooth exchange of information between the VPI recorder and other existing or future applications without the need for any major rework on the voice recorder vendor’s end.

“We recently installed two additional VPI systems for home site users that will allow us to record them just as if they were in the office. Our recent addition of home site users and IP phone technology prompted VPI to build a hybrid system that records all trunk level traffic over our T1 lines and all other traffic that travels outside of the T1 lines. This instantly increased our recording capability to 55 channels. This integration would have been impossible with our previous system,” explains Asp.

Essentially, this allows for the flexibility to manage integration efforts at the system owners’ own pace, with their own resources, and often even all independently of VPI. This eliminates the need for messy configuration or time-consuming integration processes that are typically encountered with proprietary, hardware-based systems. VPI’s system has the flexibility to sync recordings to other data and allows for customization with both legacy and future software applications that you are currently using or plan to use in the future. For WIMCO, this means that they are able to easily write additional add-on software that integrates with the VPI via Active X tools.

“The VPI Active X control piece allows us to write programs that send out WAV files based on specified criteria. In the near future, we plan to start a program that would allow agents to send out WAV files associated with negative survey responses,” says Asp.

Improved Training and Increased Sales

In addition to keeping accurate records of verbal transactions for liability purposes, VPI’s solution has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of WIMCO’s agents and their telephone interactions. VPI has enabled WIMCO to quickly and easily locate and playback calls handled by a particular agent to review the agent’s performance rapidly and objectively. WIMCO utilizes recordings for training and survey verification purposes.

“The ideal customer satisfaction survey should only take a minute to complete, it should be spoken as the script allows, and it should be courteous in nature. Having the ability to search a particular day’s worth of calls for any agent allows supervisors to evaluate a surveyor’s skills and determine where improvement is needed.”

“It is difficult to tell an agent that has been set in their ways for months or years to shorten a survey or to be friendlier. By having a recording of the agent-customer experience, we are able to have the agent replay the calls themselves and realize areas for improvement first hand. Our call recordings have proven to be an effectively rewarding tool.”

WIMCO also uses recordings to aid in the initial training of a surveyor before they use the phone.

“Once a new hire is placed in a floor position, a series of forms for taxes, health insurance and 401k must be filled out, but before an employee hits the call center, it is vital that they listen to a model call to understand the business and what is expected. Having recordings gives everyone in the company a clear understanding of what we are striving for in our call center. We require each new agent to listen to a series of calls, understanding the difference between a good, profitable call and an unprofitable call,” explains Asp.

“We also use the call recordings captured by the VPI system to show potential clients the solid work we do and the professionalism that goes into each call,” expands Asp.

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