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Customer Success Story
Great Lakes Trading Company Profile
Great Lakes Trading Co., Inc. is a futures and options brokerage and consulting firm located in Warsaw, Indiana in America's Eastern Cornbelt of the Midwestern United States.
Business Challenge
Great Lakes Trading Company needed to implement the appropriate technology that will easily and reliably record, store and retrieve the verbal agent-customer transactions handled everyday.
Solution Overview
The VPI solution offers Great Lakes Trading Company the optimal solution to meet their business recording needs.
Significant Benefits
Direct digital integration with all major PBXs; Increased efficiency in data management; High reliability

Great Lakes Trading Company Gains an Edge with VPI

The VPI telephone logger ensures the recording and storage of Great Lakes Trading Company’s verbal transactions to protect against unnecessary liability and lawsuits.

"I can't express to you how happy I am with my Voice Print purchase. It has been three years of hassle-free operation."

Great Lakes Trading Company

Business Profile

Great Lakes Trading Co., Inc. is a futures and options brokerage and consulting firm located in Warsaw, Indiana in America's Eastern Cornbelt of the Midwestern United States.  Although not next to a Great Lake we are found about halfway between South Bend and Fort Wayne Indiana, in the Great Lakes region known as Michiana.


For a futures and options trading company like Great Lakes Trading Company, Inc., keeping a record of every phone transaction is not just a luxury, it's a liability requirement. Formed from Warsaw Commodities, a brokerage firm in existence for over twenty-five years, Great Lakes Trading Company serves an extended customer base throughout the United States and abroad.

With the enormous volume of calls they record daily, they needed a call recording system that is reliable, scalable in design, and easy to use.


Great Lakes Trading Company chose the VPI system which was the optimal solution to meet their business recording needs.

I cannot express to you enough how pleased I am with my VPI purchase. It has been three years now of hassle free operation keeping all of my phone calls recorded,” Patrick Sullivan, President of Great Lakes Trading Company said. “Since I am in the business of futures and options trading, it is critical that all my calls are recorded not only for the benefit of my company but for my clients as well. I am actually able to sell my company better when I explain to prospective clients that my company uses cutting edge voice recording technology.”

Because most of all of their transactions are done over the phone, Great Lakes Trading Company has come to depend on the VPI system to record its trading activities. The system is reliable and functional for all their business specific needs. VPI’s solution is extremely user-friendly and allows for quick resolution of any issues or discrepancies that may occur in the process of any customer-agent interaction.

VPI is the only call recording company to utilize the most powerful SQL database. Business-critical tasks demand high performance and reliability. VPI delivers. VPI chose to implement the SQL database because Arvest needed a sophisticated database with a small footprint, low maintenance, high reliability and the ability to backed-up without interrupting the recording process.

Sullivan is confident in the level of dependability the VPI system offers. He “can focus on my business because I know that my VPI recorder is operating flawlessly.” Reliability is a cornerstone of the fault-tolerant VPI system. In addition to the SQL database, VPI also employs dual hot-swappable 80 GB hard drives, power supplies and fans. If one breaks down, the other one continues to perform - all without missing a beat.

Significant Benefits

VPI offers CTI compatibility and direct digital integration with all major PBXs, including Avaya, Nortel, Aspect, NEC, Siemens, Inter-Tel, Alcatel, and many others. It offers the industry’s only complete and accurate Agent/Supervisor Initiated Monitoring (AIM/SIM) solution for selective call record retention.

VPI offers the most robust, flexible and feature-rich call recorder available today. Thousands of hours of recorded transaction activity can be effectively recorded, monitored, managed, and analyzed to strategically meet the contact center’s operational and information management needs. The greatest testament to VPI’s solution is its happy customers. As Mr. Sullivan has said, he “looks forward to continuing working closely with VPI to give my company a strong edge.

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