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Customer Success Story
Winter Garden Police Department Profile
The Winter Garden Police Department provides protection to a 16.2 square mile area and currently employs 70 sworn police officers and 16 civilians.
Agency Challenge
The Winter Garden Police Department needed to provide quality service through the implementation of a reliable and feature-rich, yet extremely flexible solution that will be able to grow along with their needs.
Solution Overview
The Winter Garden Police Department installed the VPI recording system. The VPI system offers the highest level of reliability, dependability, scalability, and functionality with an unlimited number of channels and storage hours.
Significant Benefits
Ultra reliable recording of telephone and radio communications with non-proprietary, open architecture system; Ability to quickly find calls and re-create and share entire emergency incidents with ease

VPI Enables Winter Garden Police Department to Focus on Most Complex Interactions

The VPI public safety recorder enables the Winter Garden PD to provide reliable emergency response service to the citizens of Winter Garden, Florida, while protecting their liability through the safe and reliable management of their interactions records.

“The system has operated flawlessly from the day of installation. It is very user-friendly and not a chore to use.”

Winter Garden Police Department

Agency Profile

Winter Garden is located in West Orange County, approximately 12 miles west of Orlando, Florida. It is a city with a residential population of approximately 30,987 citizens and is one of the fastest growing cities in Orange County. The Winter Garden Police Department provides protection to a 16.2 square mile area and currently employs 70 sworn police officers and 16 civilians. Community programs offered by the Winter Garden Police Department include Police Explorers, Neighborhood Watch and G.R.E.A.T. The department stresses training and education of its officers in order to remain responsive to community needs.


The Winter Garden Police Department believes in providing the highest level of service in order to protect the public by preventing or mitigating situations that endanger their lives, health, or property. Committed to quality service with an emphasis on integrity, professionalism and community spirit, the Sheriffs Department, as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Winter Garden, Florida, is required by statute to keep and preserve the peace, serve and execute all processes, writs, precepts and orders issued or made by lawful authority.

It is the focus of the Police Department to provide quality service in partnership with the community in order to ensure the delivery of quality services. To ensure that effective levels of service are provided, the Winter Garden Police Department realized they had a need for the most reliable, flexible recording equipment available today to safeguard their emergency response calls.


Winter Garden PD was in touch with VPI’s sales team and took advantage of VPI’s free limited-time on-site evaluation program. At the end of the trial, they were so impressed with the system’s reliability, ease of use, and a multitude of convenient features they become accustomed to, that they didn’t want to give it up by sending it back to VPI. They purchased VPI MAXI.

It was very important to the department that they receive associated services from qualified, PC certified technicians who would be able to educate the department on how to effectively and efficiently manage their interactions data and maintain their recording equipment. Right from the start, the VPI system met all their expectations for a digital recording system. “The installation of the VPI system went really very well," said Reid Revels, Technical Services Manager for the Winter Garden Police Department. “Once the hardware was in place and working, the installer took the time to make sure we were comfortable with the installation and answered all of the questions we had about the system.”

The system has been built with the ease of use in mind from the ground up, to allow even the most non-technical user to operate the system easily and intuitively. Constructed of commercially off the shelf (COTS), technically advanced hardware manufactured by industry leaders, the open architecture design allows for easy repair and upgrades since the PC hardware utilized in VPI’s servers is available at most commercial computer stores. In addition, this design strategy allows for endless capacity and flexibility due to multiple options for solving functionality requirements, restricted only by the current state of PC and CTI technology. “The system has operated flawlessly from the day of installation. It is very user-friendly and not a chore to use.”

The VPI system helped the Winter Garden PD accomplish what it set out to do: install and implement the most reliable and dependable digital recording system that would safeguard their verbal records. Rather than just record their calls, the VPI solution has provided them with the archiving storage that is easy to use and offers lightening-fast retrieval. Rather than spending time searching for calls, the PD dispatchers can spend their valuable time doing what they are there for…protecting and serving the community. “Freeing our dispatchers from mundane system maintenance and tricky system infrastructures lets them focus on calls from those with complex needs,” said Revel. “With VPI’s system, we’ve improved response times, boosted productivity, and lessened training time.”

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