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Customer Success Story
Ventura County Fire Dept. Profile
The Ventura County Fire Department is an all-risk, full-service fire department, composed of 531 men and women.
Agency Challenge
The Ventura County Fire Department had the challenge of finding a partner relationship with voice recording solution vendor that would support explosive growth and the critical nature of its mission, while also overcoming tedious records retrieval procedures inherent to proprietary technology utilizing reel-to-reel recording media.
Solution Overview
The VPI recording system became a major contributor to VCFPs expansion and overall high efficiency.
Significant Benefits
Ultra reliable recording of telephone and radio communications with non-proprietary, open architecture system; Ability to quickly find calls and re-create and share entire emergency incidents with ease
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Ventura County Fire Department Uses VPI for Fast, Easy Recording and Retrieval

A major contributor to Ventura County Fire Department’s expansion and overall high efficiency, the VPI recording system provided the necessary tools Ventura County Fire Department needed for their operations that their earlier, proprietary call and radio logging system did not.

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Ventura County Fire Dept.

Agency Profile

The Ventura County Fire Department is an all-risk, full-service fire department, composed of 531 men and women. They proudly provide fire protection, medical aid, rescue, hazardous materials response, and a variety of other services to the public. Their response area covers 848 square miles and we serve more than 480,000 people in unincorporated areas of Ventura County. The VC Fire Department strives to deliver the highest level of public service through a team effort and respond to the dynamic public safety needs of a diverse community. 


The old system of recording and retrieval of calls was slowing down the Ventura County Fire Protection, which provides key support and public safety dispatch to all of Ventura County and extended areas including Port Hueneme, Malibu, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Piru, Filmore, Camarillo, Ojai Valley, plus the contract communications services for Santa Paula, Ventura City, and AMR Ambulances – a population of over 700,000 people.

Especially now, during a critical time of mass consolidation between counties requesting Emergency Medical Services (EMS) dispatch, Ventura County Fire Protection needed to make sure that they had the leading technology available for digital voice recording.


That’s why, in April of 2001, Ventura County Fire Protection decided to give VPI an opportunity to meet their current and future recording needs. “We were following the trends of the industry and noticed that everyone was moving toward software-driven, digital recording and storage for quick retrieval. Other systems were not able to support the growing trends in the public safety dispatch centers. When we met with VPI, we explained our particular needs and goals. Once we viewed a “working demo” of the system, we immediately knew that VPI was heads above the competition,” Stephens said. “We’ve been really happy with the VPI system and how seamlessly it fits into our expansion. In addition, the fact that we used such a leading edge recorder has been a huge selling point during our negotiations for further consolidation. People are very impressed with the system features.”

Our previous system was of a proprietary nature and just didn’t offer us the functionality that we were in need of. So, when we were looking to replace the system, we had very specific requirements.” A few of those requirements included: the vendor employ competent, certified technicians, the ability to save calls as WAV files in order for fast delivery to third parties, and that the system be extremely user-friendly so that dispatchers could easily integrate the system into their work routines and dispatchers-in-training would require little instruction on how to use the system. VPI provided all these benefits and much more.

High Speed is the Essence

In the EMS industry, communication centers are frequently getting calls from their local district attorney’s office requesting records pertaining to a particular event. The communication center administrator needs to be able to pull the record(s) fast. With the reel-to-reel systems that proved to be a time consuming, resource draining process, requiring time and resources that Ventura County Fire Protection could not spare. “We recently had a very high profile criminal case that occurred in Ventura County and our local district attorney required us to send the full recreation of the event to him immediately. With VPI’s intuitive search capability, I was able to locate the calls, highlight them, and with a push of a button, combine them into one WAV file and send them as an email attachment over to the DA in a matter of minutes.”

Improved Training Methodology

The system added a special function to the training for Ventura County Fire Protection employees. Stephens found that replay of recently captured audio records to dispatch trainees added real-life dimension to the training process. Trainees were quizzed on how they would respond and/or react to the particular situation being replayed. “We were able to put them in real-life situations in order to better gage their reaction timing and etiquette. From there, we knew which areas to target for further training.”

3rd Party Call Sharing Made Easy

Ventura County Fire Protection has an extensive quality control assurance program (CQI) that is outsourced to another segment of the County. Because the CQI is in a different building, the VPI system is very instrumental in the efficiency of the CQI process. “With the ability to save calls as WAV files, what we have done is simply set up a password protected folder on our network where we save the calls. That way, the CQI officer that is reviewing the calls, can just go into the folder and replay the call records for evaluation. Its as simple as that.” Additionally, the CQI officer can request agent specific calls for a particular time period. The administrator simply queries the call database with the Agent ID and the requested time range. Once those calls are located, the administrator simply saves the calls as WAV files in the designated shared network folder for the third party retrieval and review. “VPI has played a huge role in our success of maintaining a consistent score in the 100% range of the EMT for levels of customer service.”

Since the installation in early 2001, we have pretty much doubled the amount of work that is being done with it and it is meeting our expectations hands down. Everybody is just really impressed with the system.”

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