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Customer Success Story
American Century Investments Profile
American Century Investments is a privately held investment management company that oversees more than 80 mutual funds and strategies.
Business Challenge
Improved visibility into call quality and employee performance, and timelier and more actionable reporting and information sharing.
Solution Overview
VPI EMPOWER Workforce Optimization software suite of:

• Intelligent Call Recording
• Analytics-driven Quality Assurance
• E-learning
• Real-time Performance Management
Significant Benefits
• 8% improvement in Quality
• 9% increase in Client Experience
• 10% decrease in Talk Time
• 25% reduction in Wrap Time
• 7% increase in Agent Availability
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American Century Investments Optimizes Client Experience with VPI's Analytics-Driven Quality Assurance and Performance Management

Business Profile

American Century Investments is a privately held investment management company that oversees more than 80 mutual funds and strategies, including US growth and value equity, international equity, quantitative equity, fixed-income and asset allocation. Over 40% of their corporate profits support research to help cure genetically-based diseases including cancer, diabetes and dementia. The company is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri and has additional offices in New York City, Mountain View, California, and London, England.


With a business focus that emphasizes the quality of customer care, contact center quality assurance (QA) has always been very important to American Century Investments. In the past, QA methodology was focused primarily on agent performance, with a manual process of call selection, export, evaluation and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking. The company’s manual processes presented multiple challenges, including limited agent visibility into QA scoring results and improvement trends, as well as incomplete agent and manager guidance.

“We wanted to move from a somewhat adversarial relationship with our agent teams and managers to a partnership, but our legacy QA process was a roadblock. We also needed to find a better way to clarify our expectations to agents as we transitioned to a client experience model.  It became obvious very quickly that our existing technology was unable to help us with improving quality and efficiency of call sampling for review,” explained Jana Meyers, Director of Training, Development and Support at American Century Investments. The challenge was two-fold: “How do we move from data consumption to actionable intelligence,” and “How does our quality review become business-directional instead of solely agent-definitive.” To resolve these challenges, American Century entered into a partnership with VPI to expand to it’s VPI EMPOWER suite of products.


American Century selected the award-winning VPI EMPOWER suite as the best fit for its needs for a single software tool to integrate call recording, quality assurance, E-learning and performance reporting.
VPI EMPOWER has the ability to assist the team with automated call selection and scheduling for QA evaluation based on business rules that reflect the company’s business goals. The consistency and speed of agent skill development, whether remedial or as continuing education, is assured by integrating
E-learning into the QA process. 

The VPI call recording system is enhanced with the VPI Fact Finder Interaction Analytics in-call data collection mechanism that tags CRM events and data to each recorded call. This additional metadata reveals the root cause of each recorded call and provides insights into its outcome. American Century Investments uses the combination of CRM and telephony metadata to define business rules for call selection.

Improved analytics has enabled better decisions for our teams,” said Meyers. “We’re now able to set performance targets, trend against business goals, trend by business area, measure our execution on business initiatives, and can also better isolate issues such as client satisfaction, representative effectiveness, and training gaps.” 

VPI Interaction Analytics

How Interaction Analytics works – capturing key data and events


Improving Business Outcomes with Analytics-Driven QA

Managers and teams at American Century benefit from the combined value of objectivity and business insights from QA evaluations. The QA group defines a selection of recordings for review targeted to specific business goals and outcomes. Automated call selection will be more objective and save time to be used to increase sampling and analysis. QA reviewers can assign an E-learning module manually if a review reveals an agent gap in understanding. American Century teams designed a variety of courses ranging from 5-minute refreshers to 30-minute product and industry updates.VPI Anallytics-Driven Quality Assurance

Automated classification of calls for QA evaluation

Real-time Performance Management

VPI consolidates data from American Century’s phone system, customer relationship management (CRM) system and the VPI Quality Assurance module to present KPIs to mangers and front-line agents in real-time desktop tickers. This empowers agents to better self-manage and managers to intervene more quickly when issues and opportunities arise.

Consolidated Performance Management Data Sources

Agent Desktop Ticker

Real-time Desktop Tickers deliver personalized metrics for each agent and manager.


Significant Benefits

Results from Automated, Targeted QA

Within the first 6 months, the following QA skill score improvements were achieved: 

  • 8% improvement in Overall QA Score
  • 9% improvement in Client Experience
  • 40% improvement in a targeted Cross-Sell Initiative
  • 38% improvement in Non-Transactional calls   
  • Agent efficiency improved

Results from Agent Desktop Tickers

Within the first month, displaying real-time tickers with ACD metrics displayed on agent's desktops resulted in:

  • 10% improvement in Talk Time   
  • 25% improvement in After-Call Wrap Time
  • 7% improvement in Agent Availability 


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