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Customer Success Story
PNC Bank Profile
PNC Bank (formerly National City Mortgage) is a thriving financial services organization that serves the retail, business and corporate markets.
Business Challenge
Improve agent performance; Blend data in a unified database
Solution Overview
VPI PERFORMANCE and VPI COACHING for Avaya CMS and Avaya Proactive Contact
Significant Benefits
Decreased agent talk time; Increased management access to data and reporting; Less reliance on IT; Better control over training; Increased agent morale and productivity
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PNC Bank Optimizes Call Center Performance with VPI's Avaya Workforce Optimization and Performance Reporting Solution

PNC Bank is a thriving financial services organization that serves the retail, business and corporate markets. The company needed to improve agent performanceand enterprise performance reporting- a critical element in the financial services industry. With Avaya and VPI's Avaya Workforce Optimization solution, PNC is seeing tremendous results.

Business Profile

PNC is a highly diversified and growing financial services organization spanning the retail, business and corporate markets.


The challenge was how to improve agent performance, which was measured by several indicators – including talk time, quality of service, collections results and after call processing time.

Prior to adopting VPI PERFORMANCE and VPI COACHING Avaya workforce optimization software solutions, the company was only able to give agents feedback on their statistics the next day or at month-end, using traditional reporting methods. This methodology was failing because it put the statistics “out of sight, out of mind.” There were no immediate consequences for failure to perform and no immediate benefits to superior performance.

PNC considered alternative solutions, including reader boards a pre-packaged solution included with their dialer (vlterm equivalent). Reader boards deliver queue information that is immediate, but they cannot display individual agent performance. Some vlterm equivalents display call information, but only from the dialer. This was not a full solution for PNC, as they have a blended environment managing both inbound and outbound calls. The company needed a solution that would blend its data together into a unified database.


The solution included Avaya CMS and Avaya PDS combined with VPI PERFORMANCE and VPI COACHING workforce optimization solutions.

Avaya CMS provides the information and management tools customers need to monitor and analyze the performance of their contact center operations, showing where improvements are needed and where to take fast effective action.

PNC Bank Wallboard
PNC Bank uses VPI tickers on agents and supervisor desktops as well as on flat screen TV displays to drive performance improvements.

Avaya PDS allows agents to reach more customers, quicker and more profitably through the use of Automated Technology and Applications for Outbound Dialing Solutions.

VPI PERFORMANCE is an enterprise solution for collecting and presenting call center performance metrics. It distributes real-time information to agents and managers using tickers, scorecards and consolidated reports, and also displays performance metrics against set standards or overall call center results.

VPI COACHING, integrated with VPI PERFORMANCE, automatically intervenes when agents are under-performing. The means to trigger training based on agent results provides an unprecedented level of coaching automation.

The transition to the new system went smoothly, with milestones completed easily and on time. VPI worked closely with PNC's IT staff to resolve internal issues which were overcome quickly with minimum impact to the business. VPI also worked with their call center operations personnel to define the tickers and reporting deliverables and designed the tickers based on this input.

Avaya provided VPI with product knowledge, technical resources, support and a testing environment so that VPI applications could be compliance tested. Avaya also provided application notes to ensure interoperability of the solution components.
VPI worked with PNC's IT and telecom staff to install the software and the connectivity to the Avaya systems.

The tickers allowed PNC to set thresholds for performance and receive immediate feedback. As the thresholds were met, not met or exceeded, the stats on the screen changed color. This immediate feedback positively reinforced good behaviors and negatively reinforced the less productive ones. PNC can now make further modifications or create entirely new tickers in-house without the need to involve its IT department or VPI.

VPI PERFORMANCE produces canned reports available through a standard Web browser, which can be pulled by any time period required (daily, weekly, monthly, previous month). These reports start at the global level and allow PNC to drill down to the individual job, queue or agent level. All reports are accessed with a simple point and click, requiring little to no learning curve to run them.

VPI COACHING allows PNC to create and distribute key materials such as refresher courses, regulatory information and weekly quizzes. It helps the company track which agents have taken the training courses and quizzes or read various documentation, and keeps records for auditing purposes. PNC can now deliver content to individuals, teams or departments via a rules-based engine, which can be customized in-house within the application.

Significant Benefits

VPI's Avaya workforce optimization solution enables agents to receive their specific call statistics in real time, delivered directly to their desktops. By having up-to-the-minute statistics, agents can improve their performance, see immediate results and consistently exceed their monthly goals. Managers view consolidated real-time and historical reports so that they can proactively adjust campaigns and make better business decisions, as well as focus on revenue generating activities.

As a result of the new system, PNC has seen several benefits. Agent talk time has decreased and supervisors and managers have access to data that they did not have before. The contact center is faster on its feet with regard to responding to internal data requests and does not rely on IT as much as it once did.

In addition, PNC has better control and tracking of its agent education and employee moral is on the rise now that they can control their own statistics/performance measures, see when they meet or exceed their performance goals, and receive increased incentive payouts.

The company also enjoys more flexibility and ease of customization, a smaller desktop footprint, improved outbound talk time, more blended calls per hour, lower average speed to answer and reduced inbound abandonment.

Most importantly, all of this adds up to a sizeable dollar savings in first year.

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