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AlachuaAlachua County Combined Communications Center Enters New Generation of Quality, Productivity with VPI  Alachua County Case Study

Alachua County needed to centralize management of its quality and liability and address the challenge of high employee turnover. With VPI, the County was able to streamline operations, increase productivity and make employees feel more motivated to perform.

ArcataVPI Helps Arcata Police Department Go Digital  Arcata Police Department Case Study

VPI offers the Arcata Police Department a state-of-the art call and radio logging system with an unparalleled degree of scalability in growth and functionality in order to provide the community with reliable service.

BellUnify Recording, CAD Data Capture and Quality Assurance for Superior Quality and EfficiencyBell County 9-1-1 Communications

ChevronChevron Fire Department Streamlines Recording and Playback with VPI  Chevron Fire Department Case Study

VPI call and radio recorders offer Chevron Fire Department an unparalleled degree of scalability in growth and functionality with an unlimited number of channels and storage hours.

CityVPI Recording and QA System Improves Efficiency, Productivity for City of Edmond, Oklahoma  City of Edmond Case Study

Edmond is the sixth largest city in the state of Oklahoma. It is a full service city that emphasizes responsiveness, financial accountability and transparancy to its residents. Edmund needed to centralize QA operations and effectively monitor calls handled by employees of electric, water and sewer utilities. The city of Edmund chose†VPIís award-winning interaction recording system along with VPIís tightly integrated quality assurance (QA) solution.

CityVPI Helps the City of Elgin Police Department Increase Productivity and Security  City of Elgin Police Department Case Study

Increasing Productivity in The Communications Center - An updated voice logging system introduces the City of Elgin Police Department communications center to a range of powerful, network accessible features that dramatically boost productivity.

FairbanksVPI Helps Fairbanks Police Department Ensure Community Safety  Fairbanks Police Department Case Study

To handle all of their call and radio logging and storage, Fairbanks has installed a VPI digital voice recording system that “provides the police department with a mission critical tool for ensuring the safety of the community.”

F-MF-M Ambulance Saves Critical Time and Improves Quality with VPI  F-M Ambulance Case Study
Read how F-M Ambulance Service achieved 100% quality improvement with VPI's state-of-the-art digital call and radio recording solution.

HamiltonHamilton County 9-1-1, Tennessee Improves Quality Assurance by Automating Call Selection, Feedback and Reporting with VPI's Recording and QA SystemMotorollaHamilton County 911 Emergency Communications District

MartinsvilleVPI Helps Martinsville Henry County 911 Center Best Meet Community Needs  Martinsville -- Henry County 911 Center Case Study

Learn more about how VPI call and radio racording technology helps the Martinsville - Henry County 911 Center overcome the challenges encountered with their obsolete 4 mm DAT recorder.

MeadeVPI Gives Meade County 911 the Ultimate in Flexibility and Reliability  Meade County 911 Case Study

Meade County 9-1-1 realizes faster record retrieval with VPI system. Like all 911 dispatch centers, Meade County 911 is required to record all their call center communications for liability purposes, quality assurance and development. Meade County was looking for a system that would capture and record telephone and radio communications as well as increase the efficiency, quality and content of the service their call center provided during critical communications. Meade County 911 dispatch advisor, Capt. Tim Livers, was impressed with the flexibility, reliability and ease of use of the VPI recording system.

MenomineeVPI Helps Menominee Tribal Police Department Best Meet the Tribe's Law Enforcement Needs  Menominee Tribal Police Department Case Study

Enabled the Menominee Tribal Police to provide emergency response service to the citizens of Keshena, Wisconsin, while protecting their liability through the safe and reliable management of their dispatch call records.

RiversideRiverside County Sheriff's Department Enjoys Instant Access with VPI  Riverside County Sheriffs Department Case Study
VPI met Riverside County's challenge of replacing their obsolete phone and radio recorders with a solution that would eliminate the cumbersome tasks associated with archiving and retrieval of their recorded transactions.

SanVPI Helps San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Record and Access Over One Million Calls Per Year  San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Case Study

Fed-up with their obsolete voice logger and cumbersome retreival of archived recordings, SBCSD chose VPI recording system for full-time recording and reliable online storage.

SanSan Bruno Police Department Saves Time and Increases Productivity with VPI  San Bruno Police Dept Case Study

For the San Bruno Police Department, the installation of the VPI recording system significantly improved record turnaround time, increased productivity, and reduced costs. Read on to find out how.

VenturaVentura County Fire Department Uses VPI for Fast, Easy Recording and RetrievalVentura County Fire Dept.

A major contributor to Ventura County Fire Department’s expansion and overall high efficiency, the VPI recording system provided the necessary tools Ventura County Fire Department needed for their operations that their earlier, proprietary call and radio logging system did not.

WinterVPI Enables Winter Garden Police Department to Focus on Most Complex Interactions  Winter Garden Police Department Case Study

The VPI public safety recorder enables the Winter Garden PD to provide reliable emergency response service to the citizens of Winter Garden, Florida, while protecting their liability through the safe and reliable management of their interactions records.