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1-800-Flowers.com1-800® Increases Operational Efficiency with VPI’s Agent Productivity

With a total of nine sites – five internal throughout the United States and four outsource partners – and up to 2,000 agents working at peak periods, has tackled all the challenges inherent to businesses operating large, multi-site contact centers.

AmericanAmerican Century Investments Optimizes Client Experience with VPI's Analytics-Driven Quality Assurance and Performance ManagementAmerican Century Investments

ArvatoArvato Services Increases Productivity and Efficiency with VPIAvayaArvato Services

A fast growing, leading outsourcer, arvato services offers its clients customized end-to-end business solutions at every stage. "VPI was the only vendor that could meet our specific customers’ requirements and within the tight timeframe as well."

ArvestVPI Helps Arvest Provide a Quality Customer Experience   Arvest Bank Case Study
For a company like Arvest Bank, with over $4 billion in assets under management, keeping a record of every phone transaction is not just a luxury, it's required by their internal compliance committee. With the enormous volume of calls they record daily, they needed a telephone logging system that is reliable, scalable in design, and easy to use. That is why they chose the VPI system.

AutomobileAutomobile Club Cuts Service Delivery Costs and Boosts Customer Satisfaction with Virtual Call Agent ‘Express Service’Avaya  Automobile Club Case Study

The Automobile Club is a member-driven business offering roadside assistance, travel services, and insurance services. Providing customer service every minute of every day poses a number of difficult challenges. VPI VirtualSource’s intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) agent with a built-in “brain” that features conversational natural language capabilities met these challenges. The VPI VirtualSource system costs a fraction of the price for the formerly used outsourced agents, saving the Automobile Club 60-80% per call while performing more effective call resolution.

BankBank of America Group Finds Telephone Logging Nirvana  Bank of America Case Study

When Bank of America was deciding which telephone logging and workforce optimization solution to install, they chose VPI because “we were looking to store all of our data online and needed the most reliable digital telephone logger with the largest online storage capacity and easiest access to call records. The VPI system paid for itself in 6 months due to the cost savings of eliminating the use storage media coupled with the tremendous amount of supervisors’ time saved in searching for and retrieving archived calls from our telephone logger to perform quality monitoring evaluations.

BargainVPI enables Bargain Network Agents to Recreate the Total Customer Experience  Bargain Network Case Study

For a contact center like Bargain Networks, one of the country's largest call centers, customer service is top priority. When Bargain Networks decided to upgrade their call centre recording and call centre monitoring systems they chose to implement VPI’s solution. Because VPI provides the most flexible and reliable solution on the market today, Bargain Network knew that they were in good hands.

BlackBlack Hills Energy Improves Efficiency and Productivity with VPI Call Recording SystemCiscoBlack Hills Energy

CityVPI Reassures the City of San Diego Water Department with 100% Recording  City of San Diego Water Department Case Study
The City of San Diego continues to expand and grow, and the number of the city's water and sewer customers grows right along with it. This means that the daily volume of billing questions and requests for service, both routine and emergency, increases correspondingly. When the City's Water Department needed a supremely reliable communications recording system that would record 100% of all their incoming and outgoing calls, they chose VPI.

CollegeVPI Delivers the Ultimate in Flexibility to College Life Fund Division  College Life Fund Division Case Study

Find out how The College Life Fund Division, the nation’s leading student insurer, increased its profitability and customer service with VPI’s Activ! Voice full-time digital telephone logging solution. Case Study

Looking to manage your customer’ purchases with verbal receipts? VPI’s digital call centre recording and call centre monitoring solution gives the ability to provide their customers with a “verbal receipt” of what transpired during the customer-agent purchasing transaction as well as documentation that records how the customer’s credit card was used and for what it was used to purchase.

DodgeVPI Helps Dodge & Cox Mutual Funds Optimize Operations  Dodge & Cox Mutual Funds Case Study
Dodge & Cox now has the flexibility to reliably record their verbal transactions and expand their tagging capabilities to easily meet their specific retrieval needs. VPI's telephone logging system has provided Dodge & Cox all of this and more.

FirstFirst American Home Buyers Protection Increases Efficiency and Profitability with VPI's Intelligent Recording and Quality Assurance solutionAvayaFirst American Home Buyers Protection Corporation
FAHBP implements VPI's full-time call recording and quality management solution and improves liability management, call quality assurance and training.

FrontierFrontier Airlines Improves Agent Training and Profitability with VPI  Frontier Airlines Case Study

Frontier Airlines installed a VPI PC phone recorder for liability and quality assurance puposes. VPI’s PC phone recorder is reliable, easy to maintain, and extremely flexible to handle the expected growth of Frontier Airlines, the second largest jet service carrier of Denver International Airport.

GreatGreat Lakes Trading Company Gains an Edge with VPI  Great Lakes Trading Company Case Study

The VPI telephone logger ensures the recording and storage of Great Lakes Trading Company’s verbal transactions to protect against unnecessary liability and lawsuits.

HealthcareHealthcare Provider Saves More Than $1,000 on First Day with VPI's VirtualSource Agents™  Healthcare Provider Case Study
A Medicaid HMO Healthcare Provider wanted to reduce the amount of “no shows” for non-emergency transportation pick-ups. On the first day of implementation, VPI VirtualSource saved the Healthcare Provider more than $1,000 by avoiding “no shows.”

King'sVPI Call Recording Solutions Dramatically Boosts Efficiency at King's Daughter Hospital  King's Daughter Hospital Case Study

VPI’s call recording solution became a major contributor to the hospital’s overall high efficiency by providing a call and radio logging system that enabled recording, storing, and sharing critical communications - ensuring the wellbeing of the community and its citizens.

MarketMarket Leader Increases Productivity with VPI PERFORMANCEAvayaMarket Leader
With 80 percent of Market Leader's employees being in the contact center, it is the heart of the organization. The company needed to streamline its reporting processes and empower agents to track their performance and make their own improvements. Here is how VPI helped Market Leader go from manual mess to high-tech success.

MayoVPI Helps Mayo Aviation Grow at Their Own Pace  Mayo Aviation Case Study
Mayo Aviation is the Rocky Mountain region's largest aviation company specializing in charter, management, maintenance, parts, and air ambulance service. Their commitment to achieving the highest industry standards has earned them a reputation as one of the safest, most respected operations in the business. Due to the fact that their telephone and radio communications are mission-critical, it is imperative for Mayo Aviation to be able to depend upon a pc phone recorder that provides absolute reliability, excellent technical support, and simple “do-it-yourself” maintenance and upgrades. VPI's phone line recorder has provided all of this and more.

MonexMonex Streamlines Monitoring and Recording with VPI  Monex Case Study

The VPI digital voice recording and call center monitoring solutions presented Monex with a lean and flexible solution that allowed for seamless integration with their existing PBX, supported 3rd party verification processes and offered many extra call center quality monitoring software features that Monex enjoys on a daily basis.

NationalNational Direct Marketer Creates a Profitable, Scalable Call Center with VPI VirtualSource Agents  National Direct Marketer Case Study

The National Direct Marketer provides entrepreneurial education, training, and consulting to real estate, e-business, and infomercial clients looking to start their own businesses. The National Direct Marketer main challenge was to keep pace with its rapid growth while maintaining high customer loyalty. They chose a call automation system from VirtualSource because the underlying intelligence of its VPI VirtualSource Agents enables them to not only handle complex calls cost-effectively but significantly improve call center performance.

NorfolkNorfolk Southern Boosts Contact Center Efficiency and Productivity with VPI Recording, Intelligent Quality Monitoring & Speech Analytics  Norfolk Southern Corporation Case Study

OfficeOffice Supply Firm Finds Success Automating Returns with VPI VirtualSource Agents  Office Supply Firm Case Study

The Office Supply Firm, a Fortune 500 global supplier of office supplies and products, was disappointed with the very poor performance of its existing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) supplier. After several years of operation, the IVR was only able to successfully complete about 15% of order taking and order status calls.  Within two weeks of operation, VPI VirtualSource Agents were completing over 30% of calls, exceeding the Office Supply Firm’s expectations and performing better than the existing order/ order status application.

PNCPNC Bank Optimizes Call Center Performance with VPI's Avaya Workforce Optimization and Performance Reporting SolutionAvaya  PNC Bank Case Study

PNC Bank is a thriving financial services organization that serves the retail, business and corporate markets. The company needed to improve agent performance and enterprise performance reporting - a critical element in the financial services industry. With Avaya and VPI's Avaya Workforce Optimization solution, PNC is seeing tremendous results.

PowerSouthPowerSouth Improves Service Quality and Accuracy with Integrated VPI, Avtec and Avaya IP Communications and Recording SolutionAvaya  PowerSouth Energy Cooperative Case Study

PPLPPL EnergyPlus Reduces Risk with VPI  PPL EnergyPlus West Case Study

Whenever an agent is required to negotiate a price over the phone, that agent is essentially creating a verbal contract. PPL EnergyPlus realizes it is critical that those verbal contracts are recorded and archived for liability purposes. By recording calls from the PBX, PPL EnergyPlus found that it can settle “he said/she said” disputes, comply with regulations, and head off costly non-productive litigation.

QualfonBoost the Quality and Performance of On-Premise and At-Home Agents with VPI EMPOWER software   Qualfon Case Study

STATVPI Helps STAT MedEvac Helicopter Deliver Optimum Patient Exerience  STAT MedEvac Helicopter Case Study

Needed a digital call and radio logging solution provider that would understand the critical nature of the STAT MedEvac’s mission and effectively assist in overcoming tedious records retrieval procedures.

StraumannStraumann Enhances Cisco UCC Express Capabilities and Optimizes Contact Center Performance with VPI’s Cisco Reporting and Workforce Optimization Solution Straumann USA, LLC
Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Straumann is a global leader in implant and restorative dentistry and oral tissue regeneration. Straumann needed improved efficiency in reporting and information sharing after the conversion to Cisco UCC Express and improved efficiency of their QA processes. VPI's EMPOWER Suite of Applications provided Straumann with unified reporting, recording, and QA!

TechnologyVPI's Innovative Call Recording Technology Simplifies Compliance and Improves Customer Service at Tech CUTechnology Credit Union

At Tech CU, every member interaction with a Credit Union employee is considered important - so important that Tech CU makes sure 100% of those calls are recorded and retained for at least seven years.

TexasTexas Power Uses VPI Call Recording and Quality Monitoring Software to Save Money, Maintain ComplianceAvaya  Texas Power Case Study

Texas Power is a Texas-based, Texas-owned energy company that brings electricity service to communities across Texas. 100% call recording for compliance and risk management is an ongoing business imperative, and the company’s existing client-side call recording system wasn’t properly capturing all interactions.

TheThe Meadows Saves Time and Money with VPI  The Meadows Case Study

The VPI Digital Voice Recorder provided the Meadows with an open API, allowing them to create a “language” that speaks to both the VPI logger and its IVR system.

UpSourceUpSource Implements VPI EMPOWER: Achieves Double-Digit Increases in FCR and CSAT in Just Six MonthsAvayaUpSource
UpSource, Inc. is a premier provider of outsourced sales, support and technology services with locations in New Bedford, Massachusetts; Seminole, Oklahoma; and Nova Scotia, Canada. UpSource needed to closely monitor and drive improvements in first issue resolution rates and customer satisfaction scores. UpSource selected VPI EMPOWER suite of contact center workforce optimization software solutions for optimization of performance reporting and close monitoring and improvement of customer satisfaction.

WebbWebb Interactive Marketing Improves Training, Service and Sales with VPI and Inter-TelWebb Interactive Marketing

VPI and Inter-Tel teamed up to provide Webb Interactive Marketing Company, a leading outbound contact center, with the ultimate call center recording and monitoring solution for rapid and easy call record search, retrieval and playback for improved training, customer service and sales.