VPI Develops Reliable Emergency Call Recording Logging Systems and Robust Emergency Contact Center Reporting Software.

Tag valuable CAD data to call recordings to enhance searches and QA/QI.

CAD Integration

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VPI EMPOWER 911 is the latest-generation solution for intelligent recording, quality assurance and improvement of emergency communications. When implemented with Fact Finder, the system provides enhanced incident tracking, reporting and assessment via Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system integrations that automate tagging of incident data to recordings of communications. The CAD data enhances searches and is used for automated classification and visualization of recorded calls for fast evidence assembly and value-driven analysis by incident types, numbers, severity, and/or other parameters. VPI EMPOWER 911 collects the facts in real time as they unfold. When combined with photos, videos and documents tagged to recordings, all vital evidence is easily accessible for review. The consolidated, multimedia view of incident data enables investigators, auditors and trainers to accurately reconstruct how each emergency incident was handled.


VPI CAPTURE integrates with all major CAD systems including these and many more!:

Examples of CAD Data Captured

Incident ID Incident Severity Incident Status
Incident Type Date Time
Call Taker / Dispatcher Workstation and other CAD data

Integration Methods

  1. Database Integration
    Custom SQL Data Collectors to CAD System Database
    Custom Application Pack Events
  2. Web Service API
    Data Collector
    Custom Application Pack Events
  3. Desktop Analytics
    Requires application discovery and compatibility check
    Custom Application

Public Safety Agencies Now Empowered with Data & Smart Technology

  Tag call, radio and screen recordings with key incident information.
  Authorized reviewers can easily search and retrieve recorded communications via secure web based interface, using any combination of captured metadata.
  Organize and visualize all recordings by incident attributes in dynamic, interactive reports for a comprehensive understanding of events and your center’s performance.
  Automatically assemble interactions by common Incident ID into sets for use in civil and criminal cases as evidence.
  Automatically select and schedule recorded interactions for quality evaluation according to incident type, severity, and other attributes, while maintaining objectivity of employee assessment.

Recorded communications are visualized with CAD incident data inserted along the interaction timeline, allowing for fast visual assessment even before playback.

VPI Develops Reliable Emergency Call Recording Logging Systems and Robust Emergency Contact Center Reporting Software.
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VPI Customer Ratings and Reviews

We switched to VPI and it has been a world of difference from our previous system. It is very user friendly and customizable for our different levels of users. Support has been excellent too.

Angela Fine
CAD Adminstrator, Bell County 9-1-1 Communications

We couldn’t be more pleased with VPI. We used to struggle to perform 90 QA checks per month. Now we are at 1,680 QA evaluations per month, and keep increasing. Our staff loves it.

Tami Chamberlain
Training and QA Supervisor, Hamilton County 911 Emergency Communications District

We have been 100% satisfied so far and are very happy we have VPI’s recording product for our PSAP center.

John Hubbard
Captain, Bentonville Police Department