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Virtual Call Agents Powered by Artificial Intelligence

With a very smooth conversational flow and dynamic adaptation to the caller, VPI's virtual agents have achieved what the industry sought to achieve more than a decade ago, truly providing the ability to off-load and supplement the agent pool down to the tracking of performance. VPI VirtualSource should not be overlooked.
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- Nancy Jamison
Frost & Sullivan

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VPI VirtualSource™ Virtual Call Agents

VPI VirtualSource is a revolutionary pay-as-you-go, hosted solution that leverages conversational virtual agents powered by Artificial Intelligence to effectively automate a wider variety of inbound and outbound call types at one-fifth the cost of a human agent and off-load the mundane and repetitive tasks that drive costs and negatively impact agent satisfaction.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Virtualsourcing

This cost-effective, scalable virtual workforce in the cloud is a perfect supplement to traditional insourced and outsourced contact center agents. Several world-class organizations are already using conversational virtual agents to lower costs, improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage in several ways:

bullet Reduce the number of calls handled by human agents by automating a wider range of inbound and outbound call types.
bullet Decrease the workload of human agents by gathering information up-front and then transferring the call to them with all the collected information.
bullet Transfer calls to virtual agents to more securely and effectively capture information such as sensitive PCI credit card payments or appointments.
bullet Expand call handling capacity on a seasonal basis or indefinitely as business needs evolve without having to hire employees or outsource calls.
Experience the Virtual Call Agent Difference Experience the Virtual Call Agent Difference Experience the Virtual Call Agent Difference

The best way to understand the power of a conversational virtual agent versus any other form of self-service speech technology is to engage with the technology. Simply click on the links below to listen to actual audio calls and consider the power of virtualsourcing in your environment.

Order Status   Customer Surveys
Order Taking   Reservations
Returns   Eligibility Screening
Save the Sale/Upsell   Warranty/RMA/Returns
Catalog Request   Tech Support
Product Availability   Third Party Verification
Outbound Donations   Intelligent Front Door
Outbound Donations   Intelligent Front Door
Billing Inquiry   Job Close Out
Payment Arrangement   Dealer Locator
FAQ   Information - Medical Provider
Credit Card Update   Information - Health Provider
Subscription Start/Stop    
DELIVERY/SCHEDULING   Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling   Authorization Status
Outbound Delivery Confirmation   Billing Question
Roadside Assistance   Information Request
Transit: Next Bus   Lab Results
Pizza/Fast Food Delivery   Supply Reorder
What is VPI VirtualSource?

Delight Customers

VPI’s intelligent virtual agents provide a conversational experience that was previously impossible with traditional touchtone or speech IVR. Virtual agents dynamically adapt to conversation flow in real time for expedited, personalized call resolution – they use their short-term memory to keep track of prior conversation flow and long-term memory to recognize callers and remember their actions and preferences from previous calls.

Traditional self-service channels have failed to provide positive customer experience because they are designed to take customers down a simple linear path. Humans, however, do not think in a completely linear way and only get frustrated when forced down that path. Unlike a typical voice-activated IVR, virtual agents do not use decision trees. They acquire their knowledge and skills by training much like human agents – the more call scenarios they listen to and handle, the smarter they get. With VPI VirtualSource, customers on the move can now complete transactions much more easily and quickly while on their mobile phones by calling and interacting with a virtual agent. We’re finding that many customers to prefer and actually ask to speak with the branded virtual agent to complete their transactions.

Cut Costs

At only $0.25 cents per minute and up to eighty percent less expensive than human agents, VPI VirtualSource automates a much broader range of call types at a significantly lower cost per call. Virtual agents also achieve much higher rates of call completion than traditional and speech IVRs. They can either handle an inbound or outbound transaction end-to-end, or they can handle the routine parts of calls and then seamlessly transfer the caller to live agents along with the information already collected, for the resolution of more complex customer needs.

Cost and Effectiveness Comparison

Source: Estimations based on research conducted by West, VPI VirtualSource rate of 25 cents per minute, CSAT estimates based on customer case studies and external sources which are believed to be accurate, but is presented without express or implied warranty and subject to change without notice.

VPI VirtualSource is a module within the award-winning VPI EMPOWER customer experience and workforce optimization suite. The winning combination enables managers to automatically monitor and compare and contrast the performance and success of virtual agents versus human agents using intuitive Web-based dashboard reports and scorecards. When integrated, the combined solution records both virtual and human agent conversations for review and quality evaluation. VPI VirtualSource leverages VPI Fact Finder analytics technology and the awareness of its Artificial Intelligence engine to annotate calls with in-call data and events used automatically classify calls, enhance call searches and discovery, and trigger automated alerts when management attention is needed.

Dashboard Comparison Widget
Performance Scorecard

VPI makes it easy to get started quickly with a simple process for getting interaction types automated in just a few weeks. VPI VirtualSource integrates seamlessly with both, your existing telephony technology and most contact center applications and databases.

VPI’s hosted, per-minute model is affordable for any-size organization. ROI is expedited through rapid deployment and fast integration as well as hassle-free ongoing maintenance – the self-learning technology continuously adapts, requiring less scripting and programming to maintain than legacy IVRs.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

All we need typically need to get started is:

1. 10-20 recorded audio files for each transaction type and any training script/rules you have for each transaction type
2. 20-minute technical meeting to determine back-end system integration points
3. 10-minute meeting with your telecom team to determine call routing/forwarding to VPI VirtualSource


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VPI Customer Ratings and Reviews

VPI has been a great investment from the very beginning. VPI's implementation, training and continued support is top notch. We look forward to a long rewarding relationship with VPI.

Roger Gallup Support Manager, Zoll Medical Corporation
Zoll Medical Corporation Customer Succes 5 Star Quote

VPI is the perfect fit. They’re a partner who listens and really cares. We’ve come to rely on VPI’s call recordings – they’re always there when we need them and the software interface is super easy to use.

Brandon Olsen Technical Project Manager, Black Hills Energy
Black Hills Energy Customer Succes 5 Star Quote

We have easily doubled our QA productivity with VPI. You can't afford not to use this software.

Jack Fuller Crew Manager, Norfolk Southern Corporation
Norfolk Southern Corporation Customer Succes 5 Star Quote