Emergency Call Recording Solutions from VPI. Experience VPI's Award-winning Emergency Call Recording Software Solution.
Next Generation 9-1-1 Ready Public Safety Recording
    Reliable Recording of Call and Radio Interactions
    Automated Collection of Incident Data from CAD screens
    Secure, Unified Access Across Any Number of Locations
    Robust Incident Recreation and Instant Recall
Trusted and proven reliable for over a decade, VPI CAPTURE PRO is the most secure and feature-rich Next Generation 9-1-1 audio and data recording solution available today. Government agencies, emergency service providers, security companies, first responders, and many other organizations worldwide rely on VPI’s award-winning recording solutions to seamlessly capture, assess, assemble, and share their recorded communications from a combination of radio, CAD and telephone systems – traditional and VoIP. In addition to risk management and evidentiary purposes, VPI CAPTURE PRO enables federal, state, local, and private organizations to improve the quality of their mission-critical voice and data interactions and deliver first-rate public safety services.
Reliably and Securely Record Call, Radio, and CAD Data Communications
Robust, resilient and configurable for any degree of redundancy, VPI CAPTURE PRO has been designed specifically for high-volume recording of mission-critical telephone, radio, and CAD screen communications. The system collects, processes and safeguards critical evidence without exposing data to unauthorized access.
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Record 100 percent of call and radio communications enhanced with CAD data, across any number of locations – you can now capture audio and data from any combination of traditional or trunked radio and circuit-switched or VoIP telephone systems, while automatically collecting and appending CAD data from call taker screens to voice recordings via VPI Fact Finder. Centralized storage configurations are available for seamless access to recordings that originate from any number of locations. Optionally record one or multiple console screens to evaluate synchronized audio and screen playback.
Guard your data from unauthorized access – with strong user authentication management, comprehensive audit trails, granular definitions of user access rules down to specific functions and channels, and end-to-end AES 256 encryption of the application and data with key management. Every call record within the VPI application is watermarked in real time to ensure authenticity and preserve the integrity of your evidence.

Rapidly Find, Assemble and Analyze High-Value Recordings for More Accurate Insights
Enhanced with VPI Fact Finder™, VPI CAPTURE PRO enables you to improve precision of search and retrieval of your recorded call and radio communications. Whether for investigative or training purposes, it’s vital to be able to quickly and accurately recreate an entire incident from beginning to end. By leveraging VPI CAPTURE PRO™'s advanced search interface and automated call categorization by case numbers, incident IDs, and other valuable CAD parameters, you can easily find and visualize high-value recordings and reconstruct incidents, regardless of the number of channels, recording servers, or sites involved.
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Freely search, locate, playback and share – with fast and powerful navigation from high level overview down to the recordings that matter the most, using instant searches and powerful filters. Authorized users can share recordings via email or export onto removable media.
Easily reconstruct and analyze incidents - search by any captured data and graphically visualize call and radio recordings to rapidly assemble, save and deliver incident evidence. Whether saved scenarios are accessed within the application or exported, you review both the audio and graphical representation of recordings and events as they occurred during the incident.
Rapidly playback the most recent calls or radio transmissions via software-based Instant Recall – even those that are still in progress! Configure Instant Recall for access to any number of recordings.
Quickly recognize and analyze call patterns – assess your center’s capacity and call volumes, compare the call handling patterns of your operators, analyze frequency and outcomes of different types of incidents, and much more! Visualize data in dynamic, easy to understand heat maps, charts, and reports that allow for easy navigation through layers of information. Customize your interface for instant access to the most important charts.

Proactively Improve Service Quality and Citizen Experience
Whether or not you use a formalized quality evaluation process, VPI CAPTURE PRO allows you to monitor and improve the quality of service delivered by your call takers or dispatchers, focusing on the most important types of calls.
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Monitor live calls across multiple locations with VPI’s real-time streaming technology.
Conveniently locate and playback coachable call or radio recordings – either by using Search and Discover interface, or directly from a variety of standard reports, or even by navigation through graphical Heat-Maps!
Leverage best practice calls for training – recordings are highly portable in small file sizes and can be delivered as files embedded with convenient self-contained graphical player interface.

Achieve Future-Ready Efficiency
There is currently a growing emphasis upon the adoption of flexible, adaptable, enabling technologies. Some of the reasons for this trend towards truly open, non-proprietary solutions include advances in technology, changes to the legal and regulatory environment, changing government funding programs, and growing pressures on emergency service providers to be more effective and reduce costs. VPI’s open standards recording technology comes with many options for fast and cost-effective reconfiguration that will satisfy your evolving needs and requirements.
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Easily adapt to changing emergency communication technologies and legislation – with open standards and service oriented architecture, VPI CAPTURE is designed to adapt, evolve, and expand as your needs change, while protecting your initial investment.
Attain hassle-free transition from recording traditional to IP-based communications. VPI CAPTURE PRO supports both types of interactions, even co-existing in the same system as a hybrid recording solution. Regardless of the source, all recordings are consolidated and stored in the same file format and can be accessed and analyzed in a unified fashion via the single interface.
VPI CAPTURE PRO leverages open architecture and is platform independent – it can reside securely behind your firewall and work in harmony with your network operations. Choose from a variety of standards-based hardware platforms that leverage off-the-shelf components. This design equips your center for the greatest degree of cost-effective growth in both functionality and capacity, allows for archiving onto any standards-based devices, and supports the ease of prompt component-level service.

Establish a Foundation for Focused Quality Management
When an emergency call goes unanswered or is poorly handled, it may mean the difference between life and death. In order to maximize service quality and comply with the latest state and local standards, today’s progressive emergency service providers objectively assess and improve the skills and attitude of their call takers and dispatchers through the periodic, form-based evaluation of recorded calls and targeted training.
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With the VPI QUALITY module, you can accelerate quality improvements, while gaining objectivity and efficiency in the quality evaluation process. VPI QUALITY automatically delivers call or radio recordings for evaluation, based on rules defined by your organization.
Enhanced VPI CAPTURE PRO with VPI TRAINING for automated delivery of personalized, electronic training assignments that maximize each call taker’s potential.

Emergency Call Recording Solutions from VPI. Experience VPI's Award-winning Emergency Call Recording Software Solution.
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The VPI EMPOWER 911 suite can be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively to record and automatically and assess a vast number of interactions and quickly identify the critically important ones that should be listened to, evaluated and coached on.


- Dick Bucci, Analyst