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Proven Nortel Call Recording Software Solutions

VPI, a Nortel Open Developer Partner, has developed the most advanced VoIP recording solution available today – VPI CAPTURE™. Through collaboration with Nortel, VPI ensures that organizations are able to effectively leverage VoIP recording solutions to capture, evaluate, analyze and improve multimedia interactions over converging networks. VPI CAPTURE™ leverages open architecture to integrate seamlessly into your existing and evolving infrastructure.

VoIP Call Recording and Monitoring

VPI’s VPI CAPTURE™ reliably records Nortel VoIP traffic with very little impact on your network resources. VPI CAPTURE™ utilizes a special network device which does not have the scalability limitations other “port mirroring/spanning” solutions may incur. VPI CAPTURE™ is also the first solution to make true video quality screen recording in a VoIP environment a reality without compromising the quality of video recording or impacting network performance. Unlike other technologies that constantly stream data over the network, file transfer of screen recordings originally captured at local PC workstations can be either continuous upon conclusion of every recording session or via scheduled bursts after hours, when the network is less busy.

Click here to download the VPI Nortel VoIP Call Recording Datasheet

Digital Call Recording and Monitoring

VPI’s VPI CAPTURE™ call recording system can be connected to your existing LAN via a 10 or 100 MPS Ethernet or Token Ring connections. The VPI servers will communicate with the Nortel Meridian Link (CTI link) of the Nortel M1 PBX system/ACD and the VPI Servers using the TCP/IP protocol. The Nortel Meridian Link provides real-time call event information to VPI such as Agent Login/Logout, Inbound Call, ANI, DNIS, Split and Application Data on a per call basis. As VPI receives event information from the Nortel M1 CTI link the call information is stored in VPIs embedded SQL database. Call event information can include ANI, DNIS, AgentID, Directory Number, and possible user-defined values. VPI uses this information to create powerful Search Wizards to assist management in locating calls instantly for playback.

The VPI CT-Connect CTI Server and channel managers will add Selective Recording functionality to the VPI Nortel Recording Server(s) including:

  Selective DNIS Recording - Record only calls terminated by the Nortel PBX via certain pre-defined DNIS numbers. For example, record the 800 sales calls, but not the support calls.
  Selective AgentID Recording - Record only calls directed to certain Nortel ACD AgentIDs. For example, record Mary's calls but not John's calls, or record only Mary's calls if the DNIS was 400, etc.
  Selective Line Recording - Record only calls made to or originating from a specific extension line or lines. For example, record Mary's business calls, but not Mary's personal calls.

Performance Management Dashboards and Reporting

Automatically collect data from several telephony sources and business systems in your contact center environment and present consolidated, real-time and historical performance information to agents and managers. Individual and group telephony metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), quality scores, scheduling information, service level indicators, messages, links to training, and FAQs can be distributed to contact center personnel using desktop dashboards, web-based consolidated reporting, and TV monitors.

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VPI Customer Ratings and Reviews

VPI has been a great investment from the very beginning. VPI's implementation, training and continued support is top notch. We look forward to a long rewarding relationship with VPI.

Roger Gallup Support Manager, Zoll Medical Corporation
Zoll Medical Corporation Customer Succes 5 Star Quote

VPI is the perfect fit. They’re a partner who listens and really cares. We’ve come to rely on VPI’s call recordings – they’re always there when we need them and the software interface is super easy to use.

Brandon Olsen Technical Project Manager, Black Hills Energy
Black Hills Energy Customer Succes 5 Star Quote

We have easily doubled our QA productivity with VPI. You can't afford not to use this software.

Jack Fuller Crew Manager, Norfolk Southern Corporation
Norfolk Southern Corporation Customer Succes 5 Star Quote