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VPI EMPOWER First Contact Resolution

Solutions at a Glance

  • Identify costly repeat calls using the powerful VPI Fact Finder™ desktop screen analytics tool
  • Automatically identify and classify reasons for repeat calls
  • Send alerts and notifications when thresholds are crossed
  • Helps you identify opportunities for targeted training to rapidly close skill gaps
  • Flag and share best practice calls based on parameters you define

FCR – The Biggest Opportunity for Contact Centers Today

First contact resolution (FCR) is one of the most critical metrics in the contact center because it is an enterprise-wide indicator of operational effectiveness and future customer behavior and spending. Improvement in FCR results in improvements in quality, customer satisfaction and retention, operational effectiveness and cost reduction. According to experts:

  • 66% of contact center costs are due to callbacks
  • Customer satisfaction is 35% lower when a second call is made
  • 34% of unresolved customers go to a competitor

Challenges of Accurately Measuring Operational FCR

Many companies are aware of strategic significance of operational FCR, but they just don’t know how to measure it accurately. According to a recent benchmarking study, 4 the most common method being used today to try to measure FCR is to calculate data from customer management (CRM and CIS) systems. Other common methods involve asking FCR questions on call quality monitoring forms and post-contact or recent-contact customer surveys. While CRM system-derived calculations and customer surveys are good for trending FCR performance over time, the information provided is often not directly actionable. Customer survey based methods have another set of limitations - not every customer takes a survey and those that do and indicate that their issue has been resolved may later decide to make additional calls pertaining to the same issue, which then renders related customer survey FCR data invalid.

VPI - Today’s Most Accurate and Actionable FCR Solution

VPI overcomes the limitations of traditional methods with its visionary approach to the development of unique, analytics-driven recording and quality management solutions to automatically identify costly repeat calls and dramatically improve FCR. The VPI Fact Finder desktop screen analytics tool can monitor activities within employee desktop applications and can tag virtually any screen data and events to recorded interactions – case ID, customer ID, reason code, navigate into cancel account screen, start new order, etc. Repeat calls are then accurately identified and grouped based on customer/case identifier for each interaction and the reason(s) for the each call, and can be analyzed based on additional data captured.

VPI EMPOWER First Contact Resolution by Case ID Screenshot
VPI can automatically identify repeat calls by order ID and other unique identifiers and displays them in a dynamic, interactive media player for review and further discovery.

Powerful Automated Action Mechanism for Rapid FCR Improvements

70% of all FCR initiatives fail to result in a change customers notice due to poor execution. VPI overcomes this by making FCR actionable with powerful, fully automated capabilities based on business rules built around Key Performance Indicator (KPI) thresholds, including:

  • Distribution of key FCR metrics to employee desktop tickers and personalized Web dashboard reports
  • Delivery of repeat interactions for targeted quality monitoring and root cause analysis
  • Assignment of targeted Coaching and eLearning content and quizzes to rapidly close skill gaps
  • Targeted delivery of proactive, early warning alerts and notifications
  • Flagging and sharing of best practice interactions for training
VPI EMPOWER First Contact Resolution Widgets Screenshot
VPI offers several FCR widgets which can be added to custom Web reporting dashboards to track FCR improvement efforts along with other key business initiatives.

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VPI Customer Ratings and Reviews

VPI has been a great investment from the very beginning. VPI's implementation, training and continued support is top notch. We look forward to a long rewarding relationship with VPI.

Roger Gallup Support Manager, Zoll Medical Corporation
Zoll Medical Corporation Customer Succes 5 Star Quote

VPI is the perfect fit. They’re a partner who listens and really cares. We’ve come to rely on VPI’s call recordings – they’re always there when we need them and the software interface is super easy to use.

Brandon Olsen Technical Project Manager, Black Hills Energy
Black Hills Energy Customer Succes 5 Star Quote

We have easily doubled our QA productivity with VPI. You can't afford not to use this software.

Jack Fuller Crew Manager, Norfolk Southern Corporation
Norfolk Southern Corporation Customer Succes 5 Star Quote