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VPI EMPOWER 911™ is an award-winning communications recording and quality improvement software like no other. It’s reliable, easy to use, and ready for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) with flexible open architecture and support for standardized communication protocols. The solution has an array of remarkable features and integrations driven by the needs of emergency communications professionals like you:
bullet Customizable interfaces for super-efficient access to everything.
bullet Runs on non-proprietary hardware for the highest flexibility and lowest cost of ownership.
bullet Widest spectrum of advanced integrations including Avtec, Intrado, Raytheon Pantel consoles, Intergraph, PSSI, Tiburon, and TriTech CAD systems, virtually all telephone and radio systems, Priority Dispatch AQUA case review, and many more.
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NG9-1-1 Ready Voice and Data Recording

Reliably record voice, console screen activity, text messages and data from all major telephone and radio systems with VPI CAPTURE built to NG9-1-1 specs. Let us maximize the value of your recordings by tagging data from your CAD or incident management systems. Get to your recordings quickly and easily with secure Web based interface. VPI saves you time and prevents headaches by making everything easy:

bullet Instantly find and pull up recent calls or monitor live calls even on mobile devices!
bullet Drill down on heat maps, geographic mapping, and instant filters to quickly find the right recordings for Incident Recreation
bullet Redact, export or securely email individual recordings or entire incidents in just a couple of clicks
bullet Get fast insights with VPIs interactive reports that turn dreaded data analysis into a fun, productive activity
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Automated Quality Assurance

Paper and spreadsheet-based QA evaluation forms are time consuming and inefficient. Give your team the software tools they need to be able easily select and evaluate the right recordings. Our simple point and click QA form builder enables you to quickly adapt form questions, weights, and rating tools to your needs, so you can be up and running in a few minutes! Better yet, now you can automate the entire emergency dispatch case review process with VPI QUALITY’s integration to Priority Dispatch AQUA. It has never been easier to document compliance, uncover coaching opportunities, and monitor the impact of NG9-1-1 adoption on employee performance.

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Public Safety Command Center Dashboards

Why wait for the reports you need when you can analyze and act on your data now? VPI INTELLIGENCE gives you everything you need to effectively manage the quality of emergency communications at your fingertips. We’ve broken down the barriers of bringing together, analyzing and acting on your operational, phone, radio, CAD and quality metrics in near real–time – empowering you and your team with a single view of the truth.

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Integrated Coaching and E-learning

The skills and attitude of your call takers and dispatchers are at the heart of your emergency response. Make sure they are getting the most from your training program. With our desktop electronic coaching and learning tools, you can supplement your existing training materials with personalized learning assignments for each type of skill and incident. Assign e-courses, best practice recordings, or helpful tips manually or automatically via rules based on Quality Assurance scores awarded to dispatchers and call takers.

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Search on Spoken Word with Speech Analytics

How much time and labor would it take for your communication center to truly understand whats going on in your calls? And how much difference would it make to the quality and efficiency of your operations? VPI INSIGHT speech analytics provides compelling answers to both questions:

bullet Find calls by keyword or phrase such as “universal precaution” or “shots fired” VPI automatically finds and classifies all recordings for you into meaningful categories
bullet Automatically watch for script compliance in calls that matter for your accreditation
bullet Uncover valuable insights into citizen and call taker conversation topics, behaviors, or specific incidents for investigation
bullet Take faster, better informed actions to improve the quality and value of your community service