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VPI Fact Finder™
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Tag Valuable Data from Your Customer Servicing Apps to Every Interaction

Today’s challenging business environment demands exceptional management tools. Progressive contact centers strive to better understand their customers and the effectiveness of their operations. However, insight into contact center operational performance and customer behaviors has eluded companies because of the difficulty involved in extracting the data upon which to base analysis and decision-making.

VPI Fact Finder is a ground-breaking solution that automatically detects business and telephony screen events and tags them to your recorded interactions. This enables automated classification and analysis centered on key business issues, such as customer churn, differences in call handling patterns between employees, frequency of holds/transfers associated with order cancellations, up-sell or cross-sell success of individuals or teams, and much more. VPI Fact Finder extracts these events and data from Windows-based screens used by contact center agents and tags them to appropriate points within recorded interactions. You can now perform richer, more meaningful analysis to validate your hunches or obtain new insights for more accurate decision making.

VPI Fact Finder is quickly and easily implemented – regardless of the number of source applications implemented to deliver data to agent desktops. VPI Fact Finder is included with VPI CAPTURE PRO call recording and VPI QUALITY PRO quality management solutions. While VPI Fact Finder is capable of tagging any screen data to your recordings, VPI offers the following data pack starters with pre-configured, standardized sets of events and data out-of-the box for rapid implementation:

  Order and Account Management
  Case Management
  PCI Compliance Management

Make Faster, More Accurate Decisions

VPI Fact Finder automatically classifies and organizes recorded calls without extensive back-end API programming and/or professional services. The intuitive, Web-based graphical interface allows business users to efficiently interface with contact center interaction data and gain accurate, actionable insights.

Automatically assemble recordings into business-oriented categories – for targeted, efficient discovery that centers on a key data value specific to each data pack. You can focus on specific cases from a customer perspective, assess all communications involved in specific orders, and more.
Promptly locate high-value call recordings – Filter recordings based on any combination of telephony and business data or configure rules for the selection of recordings for playback and evaluation based on their classification and other attributes, whether raw or calculated, such as the ordering trends of VIP customers.
Visualize and refine your business event searches with powerful Heat Maps – Leverage at-a-glance graphical displays of search results, such as call volumes, types or outcomes per agents or groups and other patterns.
Gain fast insights with dynamic, multi-level, business-centered reports – Assess recorded interactions by drilling through layers of information, from high-level business trends or comparisons down to playback of calls.
Automatically receive notifications of abnormal events– Define rules by using any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) collected by the system. For example, when a KPI such as a number of calls involved in a single helpdesk case exceeds a certain threshold, a message can be automatically triggered and sent to a supervisor.

Accelerate Employee Performance with More Targeted Quality Monitoring & Coaching

VPI QUALITY PRO, powered by VPI Fact Finder, enables you to focus your quality monitoring efforts on the most pressing customer and business issues. You can evaluate individual calls or entire interactions that may span multiple days and communication channels using targeted, precision quality monitoring forms. As you pinpoint the most critical strengths and weaknesses of your employees, VPI’s solutions will aid you in targeting your coaching and training to rapidly improve operational effectiveness, reduce customer churn, increase sales and collections, and ensure compliance.

Account and Order Management Data Pack

Quickly identify opportunities for increased sales and customer retention by easily identifying and visualizing recordings of customer-employee interactions that lead to the opening or closing of accounts, placing or canceling orders, or changes in orders as customer preferences change. Powerful visualizations provide insights into the trends and patterns of your business interactions, which will guide your selection of the most valuable calls to select for playback.

Collect, aggregate, display and leverage for automated notifications a variety of customer and sales data, such as New Order Committed or Cancelled, Order Value, Agent ID, Customer ID, New Account Created or Cancelled, and other standard or custom data.
Increase your sales by tracking and reviewing all calls that contain information that affects high sales.
Track the progress of your sales campaigns in near real time.
Obtain operational visibility into processes that impact the ordering activity of your customers.

Customer Case Management Data Pack

Do you know how the processes and systems you have in place are impacting caller satisfaction? How many calls does it take to resolve customer inquiries? The VPI Fact Finder Customer Case Management Data Pack can help you quickly find out.

Locate and review customer care recordings based on a variety of data, such as case IDs, severity, status, and other standard or custom data.
Evaluate a series of calls involved in a single case as they occurred from the customer perspective.
Manage the quality of your customer service or helpdesk operations by focusing on the types of cases that take the longest time and/or most resources to resolve.

PCI Compliance Pack

VPI, a PCI Security Vendor Alliance member, supports PCI Compliance guidelines by employing an advanced desktop screen analytics solution. VPI Fact Finder monitors the events when agents enter specific screens, or specific data fields within their screens. These events automatically trigger VPI Fact Finder to mark a section of the interaction where customer sensitive data is being discussed, and VPI annotates and categorizes the call as sensitive and restricted. This design gives you the ability to continue to record all calls (audio and screen if desired) for compliance and dispute resolution, while providing management of security at a user-level, with limitation of access to sensitive PCI data.

Define Your Own Data Capture Pack

VPI’s out-of-the-box data packs are designed as data collection and interaction classification starter kits – expansion beyond these metrics is available as an upgrade. The powerful VPI Fact Finder tool can serve you with the collection of any other valuable data categories that can be captured from your employee Windows-based screens and associated with recorded interactions.

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VPI has been a great investment from the very beginning. VPI's implementation, training and continued support is top notch. We look forward to a long rewarding relationship with VPI.

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VPI is the perfect fit. They’re a partner who listens and really cares. We’ve come to rely on VPI’s call recordings – they’re always there when we need them and the software interface is super easy to use.

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We have easily doubled our QA productivity with VPI. You can't afford not to use this software.

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