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VPI EMPOWER™ is an award-winning suite of innovative contact center applications that work in concert to help you record, analyze and optimize your workforce performance – faster and easier than you thought possible, and without breaking a bank. Mix and match an array of software modules, features and integrations at your own pace. Regardless of your size, number of locations, blend of local or home-based agents, type of PBX, CRM, helpdesk and other systems, you’ll enjoy:
bullet Unified Web-based access and architecture
bullet Analytics embedded within every module – sophisticated yet easy to use dashboards, interactive reports and data visualizations, heat maps, real-time tickers and automated alerts
bullet Rapid Return on Investment – reliable and adaptable open architecture for easy, cost effective scaling, customization, integrations, security and administration
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Intelligent Call and Screen Recording

Centralize, unify and consolidate recording of your contact center calls, screens, emails and Web chat across sites, networks, Voice Over IP and TDM communications platforms with VPI CAPTURE. Automatically tag data and events from 3rd party systems – like CRM and Helpdesk apps – to recordings for automated classification and actionable analysis centered on key business issues.

bullet Comply with strict PCI-DSS or HIPAA data privacy protection standards.
bullet Instantly pull up recent calls or monitor live calls – even on mobile devices!
bullet Get fast insights with VPI’s interactive reports, real-time tickers and automated alerts.
VPI Speech and Data Analytics Call Recording Software

Speech and Data Analytics

How much time and labor would it take for you to truly understand what’s going on in your customer interactions? VPI efficiently analyzes your call audio and uncovers the insights you need to make better informed decisions.

bullet Find calls by spoken keywords or phrases without needing to know the exact words you customers might be saying.
bullet Automatically categorizes calls related to topics important to you such as customer complaints, escalation requests and competitor mentions.
bullet Monitor script compliance verification
bullet Identify at-risk customers and improve first contact resolution
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Automated Quality Assurance

Quickly and easily improve the value and efficiency of your QA program by automating call selection and scoring workflows with VPI QUALITY. Benefit from:

bullet QA Evaluator To-Do Lists – eliminate wasteful hunting and pecking for coachable calls by defining rules to target the assignment of important calls worth listening to.
bullet Flexible QA forms that automatically assign agents Coaching – Non-technical users can easily create QA forms and assign automated actions to questions to trigger desktop eLearning, coaching, reminders and alerts to front-line employees and managers according to results of evaluation questions.
VPI E-Learning Management Software

E-Learning Management

Turn insights into agent knowledge gaps or performance lapses into improvement opportunities with VPI COACHING – automatically and consistently. Define rules and thresholds that trigger personalized selection of coaching and E-learning content for each agent. Optimize the timing of learning sessions by integration with workforce management schedules. Monitor status, progress, and results of all agent learning to deflect problems and capitalize on opportunities.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reporting

Why wait for reports when you can see and act on your data now? VPI INTELLIGENCE gives you everything you need to effectively manage your contact center at your fingertips – a single view of the truth.

bullet Align and empower everyone with the right metrics at the right time – create and share real-time dashboards, balanced scorecards and desktop tickers in minutes without IT assistance.
bullet Visualize metrics the way you want from anywhere on any device. Drill through charts, playback flagged calls and start QA evaluations on your personalized Dashboard Workspace.
bullet Easily connect to your data and save time with VPI’s many pre-built ACD/dialer, CRM, WFM, helpdesk and collections system data connectors and integration tools..

VPI Next-Generation Workforce Management Solutions

Next-Generation Workforce Management

Deploying and maintaining the right workforce levels can be extremely challenging without the best enabling technology. With the ultra-accurate VPI FORESIGHT workforce management system, you can automate your entire forecasting, scheduling and adherence monitoring, regardless of the amount of complexity involved in your employee locations, shifts, skills, customer contact channels, time zones or type of work. Whether you have more than 5,000 agents or less than 50, VPI provides the cost-effective flexibility to manage your contact center at the lowest possible operating cost.