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VPI EMPOWER CRM, ERP and Service Desk Integration

Rapidly Identify and Solve Critical Business Issues

VPI’s intelligent recording, quality assurance and performance reporting solutions enhance the value of your telephony infrastructure and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and service help desk applications in use by your customer-facing employees by automatically identifying and appending both types of data to each and every interaction that flows through the contact center. When implemented with VPI Fact Finder, the system automatically tags valuable data and events to interaction records and provides for classification, visualization and value-driven analysis - by customer tiers or IDs, case or ticket IDs and statuses, products, sales patterns, order cancellations, up-sale performance, and/or other parameters.

Now you can understand the context of each interaction and enhance your performance monitoring and analysis. When you can easily identify what happened during each interaction and how it turned out - its outcome - you are empowered to find revealing answers to diagnostic questions about your business performance. In addition to ad-hoc analysis, you can run business rules that utilize your data to take a variety of automated actions such as:

bullet Tag high-value recordings for quality evaluation
bullet Set archival rules to retain needed recordings and purge others
bullet Notify users of anomalies and tasks with automated alerts and messages
bullet Identify patterns and recordings for a specific stakeholder for inspection

Enhanced Call Recording

Your Customer Relationship Management can now truly integrate broad multi-source, multi-media information - voice, screen video, and web chat recordings, key customer and business data and events from your CRM system, telephony data, and customer satisfaction metrics. VPI can help you automatically associate any customer and workflow data from your CRM system such as Salesforce.com, Siebel, Sugar, Oracle/RightNow or others to recordings for in-depth tracking of customer events and outcomes.

Capture, consolidate and tag to customer interaction recordings any data and events from your CRM and other business systems
Automatically track Customer/Account ID, Customer Name, Case/Ticket ID, Products/Services, Sale Value, Status, Reason/Disposition Code, Payment type, Policy number, Reservation number, Redemption value, Customer feedback, or virtually any other customer and business data
More easily find and retrieve call audio, screen and Web chat recordings using search filters consisting of any combination of CRM, ERP and telephony metadata.

Outcomes-Focused QA

Smarter call review and evaluation focused on business goals and outcomes has become is critical for an effective quality assurance (QA) process. By indexing interactions, VPI Empower can support automated workflows for precision call selection for QA. Focus evaluation resources on those recordings that really matter - the data we collect provides a powerful window into underlying call drivers, trends, challenges and opportunities for agent coaching. For example, you may prioritize review of those recordings that involve order cancelations of your new product, or downgrades in service contracts from your high-value clients. Improve quality with personalized E-learning and Coaching assignments that focus on skill gaps of each employee, according to compliance standards and internal guidelines for each interaction type.

Use any combination of captured metadata to assemble and evaluate the entire customer experience from cradle to grave, to identify patterns that lead to customer attrition or problems in your products or services that cause excessive customer inquiries or complaints.

Shift the QA focus from Agents and internal compliance metrics to Business and Customer Experience Outcomes
Increase business impact of your QA monitoring by targeting specific, high-value interactions using meaningful metrics and sampling rates
Target coaching, eLearning content and quizzes to rapidly close skill gaps - automate the selection and assignment to individual agents to improve their quality and performance metrics that draw from your CRM, ERP, helpdesk and other business data.

Classify Calls

Using rich customer interaction data associated with recordings, automatically classify 100% of your customer communications by their value and content and run real-time, trending and historical reports by type and reason. Now you can recognize and identify root causes of issues that can erode your business objectives before they impact your costs and customer loyalty.

Use powerful visualizations of your data for at-glance insights into patterns and fast access to details of what stands out. Simply click on any of the columns or other data representations in VPI's graphical reports to view details and playback recorded interactions of interest, or interact with reports - through drill downs, roll-ups, summaries and graphical presentations - to identify patterns, challenges or opportunities:

Campaign performance and interventions
Customer satisfaction drivers
Drivers of repeat calls
First call resolution bottlenecks
Most/least successful products for primary sales or up-sales
Problem call types that cause holds or transfers
Protection of sensitive call segments for PCI DSS compliance
Revenue constraints
Seasonal patterns for planning
VPI EMPOWER automatically assembles, identifies and classifies your most important customer interactions

Metrics & Alerts

Now you can consolidate your customer interaction data from your telephone, CRM and other business systems and engage VPI's real-time reporting engine that calculates, and publishes real-time information to the people who need it, when they need it the most -- whether the information consumer is an executive, manager, or front-line agent. Select from a rich collection of standard metrics that come with VPI systems, or define your own by using intuitive web-based interface and any combination of data collected by VPI Fact Finder. The power of VPI systems comes from the ability to make sense of the data by automatically spotting variations from thresholds that define whether the data is positive or negative for the business, and tie this diagnosis to automated actions, such as alerts, notifications, or assigning personalized coaching or training.


Customer Analytics

VPI EMPOWER can automatically links separate instances of customer contacts to give you visibility across all customer contact channels and touch points. This also helps you monitor calls with a high number of holds or transfers. Are the transfers caused by a training deficit of a particular agent? Or is the call misrouted to the wrong department? Are the customers calling the correct number and extension? Or is your staffing not able to meet the demand?

Set rules for automated real-time alerts and notifications when metrics of interest exceeed thresholds. When customer issues are not handled in real time, they soon become your competitor's customer issues!
Define any number of metrics and personalize their delivery timing and presentation to different types of users - based on their performance against goals
Use CRM, ERP and service desk data to automatically assemble related voice, screen and data interactions - by Customer/Account ID, Case/Ticket ID, phone number or any other parameter to identify repeat call patterns or call resolution bottlenecks
VPI automatically identifies and assembles repeat calls by case ID or any other unique identifiers and displays them in an interactive media player for further review and discovery.


VPI has the ability to integrate with most major CRM, ERP and service desk applications including these and many others:

BMC Remedy

BMC Remedy provides solutions for enterprise IT service management. Now you can unify management of customer relationships by consolidating customer data and recordings – VPI’s Recording and Performance Management systems can automatically tag Customer ID, Case ID, Type, Status and more to recorded conversations.

Oracle RightNow

Oracle RightNow offers management of the customer journey through unified records, leading the way in Cloud-based delivery. VPI integration adds value to customer experience management by automated tagging of in-call data to recorded conversations - customer ID, account ID, order value, up-sale attempts, and closed accounts are just a few examples.


SalesForce empowers companies of all sizes and industries to manage their customer contacts via its Cloud-based CRM and Customer Success Platform. VPI’s integration provides automated tagging of data to recorded calls such as customer ID, account ID, order value, up-sale attempts, and closed accounts, enhancing the scope of actionable intelligence.


SAP streamlines the key business processes of an organization with its Enterprise Resource Planning system, spanning procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR. VPI’s Workforce Optimization solutions can incorporate SAP ERP data for unified analysis and management of order and service lifecycles associated to customer contacts.


ServiceNow provides the enterprise cloud platform for the management of IT services. VPI’s Recording and Performance Management systems automatically collect Customer ID, Case ID, Type, Status and more with recorded conversations, to help organizations analyze and improve the quality and value of their customer communications.

Integration methods include:

1. Database Integration 2. Web Service API 3. Desktop Analytics
Custom SQL Data Collectors to CRM System Database
Custom Application Pack Events
Data Collector
Custom Application Pack Events
Requires application discovery and compatibility check
Custom Application Pack Events

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