VPI Avtec Next Generation Call Recording and Avtec Reporting Software
VPI Avtec Next Generation Call Recording and Avtec Reporting Software
VPI Avtec Next Generation Call Recording and Avtec Reporting Software
Avtec IP Dispatch Console Voice Recording
  Software-only IP Voice Recording via RTP and Audio-Forwarding on Avtec VPGatey
  G.711 and G.729 Codecs Supported UDP Protocol
  No need for SPAN Audio Packet Capture
  Does not require managed switches on a network
  Records both Tx and Rx Channels
Through collaboration with Avtec, VPI allows organizations to record voice interactions from their Avtec Scout Dispatch Console systems using VoIP. This brings the same powerful information that comes from analyzing your landline interactions to your radio interactions. The combined solution delivers affordable, reliable technology to dispatch communications centers of all sizes. VPI CAPTURE, a Next Generation 9-1-1 ready solution, leverages open architecture and is platform independent to integrate seamlessly into your existing and evolving infrastructure. Organizations that employ Avtec Scout Dispatch Console systems can now more effectively leverage audio recording to capture, evaluate, analyze and improve interactions.
Advanced Direct Recording of Radio and Telephone Transmissions
VPI, a dedicated Avtec Partner, has integrated its robust, award-winning VPI CAPTURE VoIP recording technology with Avtec Scout systems for streamlined, software-only recording. Avtec VPGate forwards the incoming and outgoing audio transmission to both, the VPI CAPTURE recorder and Scout Console simultaneously.
All Scout audio resources (Radio base stations, Talk Groups, Telephony circuits) are managed on an IP basis by Avtec's VPGate software gateway. Whenever audio is active, VPGate uses RTP and audio forwarding to send packets to the Avtec Scout Consoles and simultaneously to the VPI CAPTURE recorder. This direct recording integration always results in capture of the entire voice transmission - the recording starts at the beginning of the voice transmission and is automatically terminated when the transmission ends. For search and playback purposes recorded calls can be found by console, channel name or channel number where you will get the start/date/time and call duration information.
Example Data Flow
Data for an incoming conventional radio transmission flows is as follows:
  1. The base station receives a radio transmission.
  2. The radio is connected (analog) to the Avtec Outpost.
  3. The Outpost converts the analog radio traffic to IP and sends it to VPGate.
  4. VPGate then sends the IP packet with the radio transmission to the Scout Console. When configured for recording, it will also be simultaneously sent to the VPI CAPTURE recorder.
Avtec Next Generation and Emergency Call Recording
Solution Advantages
Little or No Impact on Network Resources
With a direct IP connection to the Scout console system, VPI CAPTURE records superior audio quality and simplifies network design without needing to identify tap points that other indirect-capture solutions require.
Faster Implementation, Less Hardware
VPI's recording method captures transmission streams via certified direct integration, eliminating the need for spanning ports or managed switches. This efficient integration approach saves hardware resources on both, VPI and customer sides and expedites implementation.
Support for Advanced Radio Technologies
The Avtec VPGate transcodes audio from IMBET and AMBE+2T formats to G.711 (and can also perform decryption) before forwarding to the recorder. These are the native vocoder formats for P25, DMR, and pDMR radios.
Open, Standardized File Formats
The application supports the standard codec implementations G.729 and G.711. Both G.711 and G.729 can be used simultaneously - there is no setup needed within VPI CAPTURE to allow for this. The customer sets up the codec type within their Avtec VPGate software directly, transparently to the recording process. All resulting audio files are stored in a standard, Microsoft-native .wav format, with 13.3 kps GSM compression.
Customer Requirements
The solution assigns targeted training quizzes and coaching to agents according to their individual skill gaps that are defined as threshold values of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from Pipkins' WFM, Telephony/ACD or VPI Quality Monitoring systems. The training content is delivered within dedicated time periods in each agent's schedule, such as during breaks or training periods. Agents are prohibited from accessing this content during all other times that are scheduled for other activities. During a WFM scheduled coaching activity period, agents receive a pop-up message instructing them to take their coaching assignment. The desktop ticker will display two values:
VPGate Version 1.3.x or above. Avtec recommends that a customer upgrades to the latest current version of Avtec VPGate at the time of implementation of VPI CAPTURE.
VPGate configured with an Audio Forwarding Driver for each endpoint to be recorded.
VPI VPortal Version - or above
VPI Voice Version - or above
Each VPI CAPTURE server can scale to support up to 192 endpoints. Additional recording channel capacity is easily achieved by multi-server networked solution. Final recording capacity can be scaled to thousands of channels. As additional recording servers are added to the environment to support a growing endpoint count, it may become necessary to add an additional server for V-Portal support. V-Portal is the centralized Web-based application server that allows end users to seamlessly search and playback calls from any recording server from a single UI. As more users simultaneously search and playback recorded interactions, the performance of the centralized V-Portal server may be impacted, thus VPI recommends separating out the database from the application servers and placing these components on separate servers.

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VPI Customer Ratings and Reviews

We switched to VPI and it has been a world of difference from our previous system. It is very user friendly and customizable for our different levels of users. Support has been excellent too.

Angela Fine
CAD Adminstrator, Bell County 9-1-1 Communications

We couldn’t be more pleased with VPI. We used to struggle to perform 90 QA checks per month. Now we are at 1,680 QA evaluations per month, and keep increasing. Our staff loves it.

Tami Chamberlain
Training and QA Supervisor, Hamilton County 911 Emergency Communications District

We have been 100% satisfied so far and are very happy we have VPI’s recording product for our PSAP center.

John Hubbard
Captain, Bentonville Police Department