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VPI App Ecosystem

VPI App Ecosystem is a worldwide network of system integrators, developers, channel partners, and industry experts who partner with VPI to provide complete, high-quality solutions to customers. The VPI App Ecosystem enables mutually beneficial, complementary relationships between VPI and our partners. The program is designed to create new avenues for delivering and implementing VPI solutions.

Unified Communications Apps

As a dedicated Aspect Technology Alliance Program Partner, VPI provides integrated, Aspect-verified solutions for unified recording and CTI metadata collection from any combination of Aspect TDM telephony on trunk or station side, as well as VoIP communications.


As dedicated Cisco Technology Developer Program Partner, VPI has teamed up with Cisco for over a decade to deliver state-of-the-art voice recording, data collection and advanced reporting solutions, via certified integrations of Cisco’s VoIP communication systems with VPI’s recording and performance management applications.


Interactive Intelligence is a global provider of on-premises and cloud based solutions for contact center, unified communications, and business process automation, designed to improve the customer experience. Its solutions are complementary to VPI’s WFO Suite.


VPI is NEC’s Univerge partner – our digital call recording products have been NEC Fusion- certified since 1998, to provide reliable, feature-rich recording of NEC’s voice communication platforms to both, enterprises and SMB organizations.


Through the partnership with NexxPhase, VPI delivers the capabilities of a true commercial-grade call center, but without the expense of special hardware, software or staff. With our cloud-based contact center, organizations can save money as they interact with customers on their terms, while generating more profits.

As a dedicated ShoreTel Innovation Network partner, VPI ensures that organizations are able to effectively capture, evaluate, analyze and improve multimedia interactions in ShoreTel Communicator, ShoreTel Mobility nd other ShoreTel environments.


VPI solutions offer certified integration with Zeacom ACD to aid in centralized, improvement-oriented contact center performance management. By integrating and automatically consolidating ACD statistics with other sources of data from telephone and business systems, VPI ensures that organizations gain a single view of the truth.

Contact Center Apps

BMC Remedy provides solutions for enterprise IT service management. Now you can unify management of customer relationships by consolidating customer data and recordings – VPI’s Recording and Performance Management systems can automatically tag Customer ID, Case ID, Type, Status and more to recorded conversations.

VPI recording solutions enhance the value of insight from voice and screen recordings by the collection of data and events directly from agent screens, via the integration with Cicero screen analytics engine for call center and back office applications.


VPI’s interaction analytics solution leverages the power of Autonomy IDOL, to provide advanced conceptual understanding of all customer interaction. Through the partnership with Autonomy, VPI delivers actionable insights into customer experience that fully integrate into VPI EMPOWER workforce performance optimization suite.

Powered by InMoment’s expertise and technology, VPI provides customer survey solutions at any customer touch point and via many channels – IVR, email, web, SMS text, and chat. With cross-application data analysis, organizations can drive consistency in customer communications and increase customer loyalty.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, VPI benefits from Microsoft’s extensive research and development resources. This relationship is fundamental to VPI's commitment to emerging technologies.

VPI is a long-term Nortel Open Developer Partner, providing recording solutions that seamlessly integrate with multiple Nortel telephony platforms, both TDM and VoIP - to capture, evaluate, analyze and improve multimedia interactions over converging networks.


Oracle RightNow offers management of the customer journey through unified records, leading the way in Cloud-based delivery. VPI integration adds value to customer experience management by automated tagging of in-call data to recorded conversations - customer ID, account ID, order value, up-sale attempts, and closed accounts are just a few examples.

SalesForce empowers companies of all sizes and industries to manage their customer contacts via its Cloud-based CRM and Customer Success Platform. VPI’s integration provides automated tagging of data to recorded calls such as customer ID, account ID, order value, up-sale attempts, and closed accounts, enhancing the scope of actionable intelligence.


SAP streamlines the key business processes of an organization with its Enterprise Resource Planning system, spanning procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR. VPI’s Workforce Optimization solutions can incorporate SAP ERP data for unified analysis and management of order and service lifecycles associated to customer contacts.

ServiceNow provides the enterprise cloud platform for the management of IT services. VPI’s Recording and Performance Management systems automatically collect Customer ID, Case ID, Type, Status and more with recorded conversations, to help organizations analyze and improve the quality and value of their customer communications.

SmartAction is the leader in Artificial-Intelligence enabled voice self-service. VPI customers can now reduce costs, boost CSAT, and improve compliance with efficient, intelligent, conversational virtual agents engaged as a hosted service.


Public Safety & Security Apps

VPI and Avtec have developed an advanced integration of VPI’s recording technology with Avtec’s Scout VoIP console system for streamlined, software-only recording directly from the console system with no need for spanning ports or managed switches, achieving superior efficiency and audio quality.


DICE Corporation is an elite provider of Central Station Automation software, serving businesses of all sizes. VPI can provide integrated solutions for unified management of interaction recordings and security monitoring, helping organizations to reduce liability risk and eliminate wasteful, unproductive call screening.

Since 2002, Experient has been at the forefront of providing a true IP based mission-critical ANI/ALI Controller for PSAPs throughout the United States.  As the first company to develop, install and operate a 100% IP based ANI/ALI controller, Experient has had the unique opportunity to learn and benefit from years of experience regarding issues specific to an IP based system.  With a track record of never having a system down, Experient’s stands-out in both product and service!

The Genesis Group is a telecommunications solutions company that creates innovative management software for the trunking network industry. Over the years they have owned and operated Motorola brand trunking systems. They have managed 23 LTR-based trunking systems for a large US company.

Intergraph public safety and security software lets you quickly receive calls at a dispatch center or detect threats through sensors and video, assess the severity of incidents, and respond quickly and efficiently to allocate resources, transforming vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence and promote multi-agency collaboration. Using Intergraph solutions, all personnel share a common operational picture, instilling confidence and promoting smarter decision-making that saves lives and protects property.

VPI integrates with Intergraph CAD system - the CAD data is used for automated classification and visualization of recorded call taker and dispatcher calls and screens for fast evidence assembly and value-driven analysis – by incident types, numbers, severity, and/or other parameters.  


Intrado is a leading provider of emergency 9-1-1 voice call delivery, comprehensive data management, advanced call routing, emergency location and integrated call handling technologies. VPI, Inc., a member of the Intrado A9-1-1 Alliance Member Program, offers certified compatibility with Intrado VIPER for passive IP recording.

Motorola Solutions connects people through technology. Businesses and government agencies around the world turn to Motorola Solutions innovations when they want highly connected teams that have the information they need throughout their workdays and in the moments that matter most to them.  Motorola’s diverse portfolio of two-way radio products including analog, digital and P25 options for government and public safety allows customers to focus on their mission, not the technology. Better information. Better decisions. Better outcomes.

VPI recording systems provide a variety of options for recording audio and data that originate from Motorola radio systems, whether conventional or trunked, analog, digital or P25.  In trunked Motorola radio system environments, VPI CAPTURE provides for de-trunking integration with the collection of attributes of recordings such as talk group, Unit ID, alias and more, integrating this data with all other alphanumeric data elements that are either automatically collected or manually entered.  This comprehensive data collection provides for a the most advanced, unified monitoring of PSAP communications, analysis, reporting,  and incident recreation, as well as integrated management of quality via objective, on-line form based evaluation and electronic learning system that offers an unprecedented degree of automation in both, quality control and improvement.

Priority Dispatch and VPI have partnered to streamline the Quality Assurance Case Review process. Now you can conveniently playback audio and optional desktop screen video recordings related to cases of interest directly from your AQUA Evolution™ case review interface – eliminating time-consuming need to search for recordings within a separate recording system.


PSSI’s RESPONSE™ CAD system assists fire and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies in responding to calls for service. VPI provides enhanced incident tracking, reporting and assessment via automated tagging of incident data to recordings of emergency communications, such as Incident ID, Severity, Status, Type, and more.

Raytheon has partnered with Pantel International, a leading manufacturer of console and control systems, to provide the advanced CommTalk dispatch console system for high reliability public safety communications. VPI is Raytheon’s partner for recording and quality evaluation / quality improvement of emergency communications.

Tiburon is a leading developer of flexible, reliable, NG9-1-1 ready CAD systems. VPI’s integrated recording system provides enhanced incident tracking, reporting and assessment via automated tagging of incident data to recordings of emergency communications, such as Incident ID, Severity, Status, Type, and more.


TriTech Software Systems provides highly integrated public safety products and services to police, fire and EMS agencies that address nearly every facet of public safety command and control, deployment, logistics, and decision support.  People rely on communications personnel and the Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system every day. Whether it’s a burglary in progress, a structure fire, or a domestic situation, taking control of these calls is vital. The number one priority is clear: the rapid dispatch of relevant resources to the community.

VPI provides enhanced incident tracking, reporting and assessment via TriTech (CAD) system integration that automates tagging of incident data to recordings of communications.  The CAD data is used for automated classification and visualization of recorded call taker and dispatcher calls for fast evidence assembly and value-driven analysis – by incident types, numbers, severity, and/or other parameters.  When combined with photos, videos and documents tagged to recordings, all vital evidence is easily accessible for review.  The consolidated, multimedia view of event data enables investigators, auditors and trainers to accurately reconstruct how each incident was handled.


MAS is the developer of the preeminent security automation software MASterMind for security service providers and proprietary central stations. With VPI’s fully integrated call recording, MAS users can find and playback customer interactions directly from their MASterMind workstation, with no need to toggle between applications.


Trading Floor Apps


For over 30 years, BT has been providing mission critical communications to the trading floors, enabling the people in the markets to interact, collaborate and trade over multiple channels. VPI provides proven integration to record and consolidate voice and data from BT’s turrets for organizations from single-site to multi-national scope.


IPC provides a portfolio of financial trading technologies ranging from unified communications, managed voice and data networks, to award-winning hard and soft turrets. By integrating with IPC’s turret technology, VPI reliably records traditional telephony and VoIP interactions to and from IPC trading floor communications systems.

VPI’s TDM and VoIP recording systems integrate with turret systems and complement Speakerbus offerings for leading financial organizations and government and defense sectors with global voice and video communication solutions.

Services Partners

Founded in 1984, APCO Worldwide is an independently owned global communication consultancy with offices in major cities throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

CCI is a boutique consultancy group that specializes in custom research, database development and analytics, customer experience measurement and benchmarking, and customer contact and channel optimization.

The Denise Amber Lee Foundation, the driving force behind many improvements to public safety 9-1-1 center procedures and quality assurance (QA), and VPI partner to educate public safety agencies on how to effectively review ‘9-1-1 QA Every Day.’ The Foundation offers QA training courses and consulting workshops.

DMG Consulting is an industry analyst/consulting firm that can be engaged by VPI’s customers. DMG specializes in customer-focused business strategy, operations and technology services. DMG’s mission is to help companies build cost effective contact center and service environments that provide an outstanding customer experience.

Eventus Solutions Group is a nationally recognized consulting and managed services firm, 100% focused on customer engagement. Eventus managed services services fuse strategic planning, technology sourcing and implementation, and day-to-day operational execution exclusively in the contact center and customer engagement arena.

MainTrax is a leading provider of speech analytics services. It helps VPI’s clients to analyze recorded customer calls and mine rich new business intelligence to improve agent effectiveness, minimize risk, capitalize on selling opportunities, identify complaint trends, reduce customer churn, and reduce operational costs.

NENA is celebrating its 25th year, and was established to promote implementation and awareness of 9-1-1 as North America’s universal emergency number.

The Quality Assurance and Training Connection (QATC) is an organization devoted to facilitating the education, sharing of ideas, and distribution of knowledge among quality assurance and training professionals in the call center. VPI customers are invited to participate in QATC industry collaboration events and discussion forums.

The Call Center School is dedicated to the development of contact center personnel, offering 200+ training modules, with comprehensive information and expert advice to everyone involved in the daily contact center operation. VPI customers are invited to tap into this wealth of knowledge and improve their own training programs.

The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®) provides financial industry technology professionals with forums to learn and connect with each other. It facilitates seminars and networking events where members exchange best practices for effective capitalization on technology advances and dealing with financial industry challenges.

Storage & Hardware Partners

Amazon S3 provides a web service for cloud-based storage and retrieval of recordings and data to VPI customers. It gives organizations access to the same highly scalable, reliable, secure, fast, inexpensive infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites.

Headquartered in Sommerset, NJ, with local and international branches throughout the globe, AudioCodes (Ai-Logix, Inc) is a strategic provider of voice and data hardware interface cards for the voice and data recording industries.

Borland developed VPI's first powerful SQL database for its voice recording, screen capture and agent evaluation solutions

CCNG is the number one network for call center professionals -- providing programs on a local, regional, and virtual basis.

Dell Inc. is the leading computer systems company delivering innovative technology and services. Uniquely enabled by its direct business model, Dell sells more systems globally than any other computer company, placing it No. 25 on the Fortune 500.

Remote Data Storage, LLC. (RDS) is a provider of secure, reliable storage and backup solutions for a business' most valuable asset, their data. Located in southeastern Washington State, RDS is locally owned and operated with our headquarters in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley. RDS has positioned itself in small to medium sized markets with emphasis on excellent service and offers a total solution for a secure and affordable backup system. The exploding need for remote data storage and backup in today's business environment positions RDS as the logical solution provider.

As a leading designer of Telecom hardware and IP communications, Synway has specialized in providing VoIP Gateway, CTI Voice Board and Call Logging Hardware since the 1990s. Over 3,000 solution providers from 56 countries have benefited from Synway’s signaling and media processing technologies.